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I recived my new hire paperwork yesterday, and bought my plane tickets.  :)  So now it seems real. 


Now I need to pack pack pack!  And make some realistic goals for my summer, It should be full of new experiences, new skills, and new friends.  :) 

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Congrats Lisa!
Congratulations Lisa!  So what is your arrival date?  I'm sure you told me, but too many other things cluttering up this brain.  What is your family going to do while you are gone?  You will find plenty to do.  We like to get together for girls nights sometimes, just usually dinner and talk.  Lots of walking and all sorts of tours.  Most are free, but a good tip is required to keep them that way.  Last year there was also an employee activities coordinator, movie nights, game night, trips to the nearby lake where you can walk or rent kayaks.  They also organize regular trips to Anchorage by coach ($3 to $5 tip for driver is nice) and other things to keep you busy on your days off.  Shouldn't be bored.  We also had a hiking group, but only 4 people were in it and I really didn't hike, just logged lots and lots of miles walked, off duty.  You'll have a great summer!  See you soon!  Patty
You made that job hunt/getting hired look easy Lisa!  Have a great summer, and be a good dorm Mom (I know you will)!

Yeah! Official is good. You  will have some great times :D

Reality hits me when I pull out of the driveway in a snowstorm, knowing the fall leaves will be dropping by the time I get back.

Best wishes on a fabulous season.

Coolio Lisa,

Adventure awaits you, you're one of the few who actually live their dream.

Yeeee Haaaaaw!!

Hi Lisa, where did you go to work and how did it go?  I'm thinking of trying out Acadia National Park in Maine for the summer next year, so any help would be appreciated!

Sande ;o)

I landed at Mt. McKinley Princess Lodge.  I have really enjoyed my season here.   2 more months left.  I think everything is what you make it, we are quite secluded here.  But heck, welcome to Alaska where cities and towns are few and far between.  I have had so many opportunities I would never have had if I had not come.  I have a great boss, which has made the job all the better.  I'm thinking of returning net year, nothing definate yet though. 


thanks for the response....hope you are doing well!


Lisa..may I ask what you did for work before you got laid off? I guess basically what I'm asking is what kind of experience you had that may have helped you get the job. I'm just beginning this process, and wondering what I can do to increase my chances of employment!



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