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just hired------delaware north-food services,old faithful yellowstone? any advice, anyone work,etc ( i worked in mammoth for xanterra in 2008)

delaware north-food services,old faithful yellowstone?  any advice, anyone work,etc ( i worked in mammoth for xanterra in 2008)

dorms, food, job,etc

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Hey i am a 5 season veteran to delaware north can be a very good company but just a heads up there is a lot of upheval in the stores i don't know what you can expect but last year i came in on the opening crew. Because DNC got a renewed contract in the grand canyon with more property to be responsible for...the companies upper management sent our park manager to glacier and grand canyons store manager to us and i think thats because the grand canyon needed a few different managers beside...yellowstone stores had a lot of returnees last year with i believe 30 returning employees just to the old faithful area it was pretty impressive. However as the summer kept going people just dropped off quitting left and right because the new park manager and her team were really tough is a really good job to have just be aware that the likelyhood of having as impressive of a returning rate won't happen it will be very low and so the slate is "clean" and so on that end you might be ok..i have spent 5 incredible seasons there working for them and i have enjoyed all of it...some years more than others.
I hope the season goes well for you.


if the people are jerks,i will just leave

its easy to find a job around the area with a car

i worked xanterra in 2008 so i know what seasonal work is about and have worked at 5-6 places

for me, it has to be fun

good ppl, good bosses, if a boss causes me stress, ill leave


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