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So as some of you may know from Mondays Chat,my time in the Virgin Islands has not been going as well as one would hope.


Thus I have been applying to places and so far have a few job offers. Two in Squaw Valley, Lake Tahoe area and two in Park City, Utah area.


I am wondering which one is better for Skiing/snowboarding and also, which one is better for someone that will have no transportation (due to time constraints I wont have time to get my truck).


Anyway, your input is welcomed. Thank you.



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I know a few people in the Tahoe area that might be leaving soon.  So far they have had little they have little hours.  But that can always change quickly.

I think that without transportation Park City would be better. Park City is a really convenient place to live without a car. Lake Tahoe is a lot more spread out. As far as which is better for skiing and snowboarding, both are great. I haven't been to Squaw in a really, really long time, though, so I can't really recommend one over the other. What companies are your job offers for?

park city for sure when it comes to snow, even though we don't have much right now, but when the december storms finally start, this is the place to be.  like jason said this little town had just about everything you need.  rents are expensive, but its about the same as truckee, j hole, or any resort town in the west. ive been here for a little over a year so i'm dialed in on having a sick place to live with resonable rent, if your only here for the winter season, expect to pay at least $700 a month for rent but if you do a year lease you could knock a couple hundred off that.  but other then that everything is fairly resonable as far as food and such, we have a wal mart, fresh market, smiths, whole foods and a couple more so you aren't paying crazy prices for grocerys.  also we have the free transit but its not practical if you work nights like i do.  


other options for cheaper rents if you don't mind commuting is salt lake city which is about a 40 min drive, but then you pay more for gas, so i find it works out great paying a couple hundred more and just living in town, hope this helps 

also i rode this morning, came home and took a nap and now i am getting ready for work


I am actually in Park City now, (sorry didnt have internet).

I went tomy first snowboard lesson today!!!

But i have found some employee subsidized housing for 450 a month shared occupancy. And i am just taking the bus everywhere until i figure out a way to get my truck here from NC


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