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Looking for Feedback on Working for Holland America-Princess in Alaska

New to this forum and looking for feedback on the above subject.

I'm and O/B worker and looking to go seasonal for the first time.

Has anyone worked for Holland America/Princess in the past? how did you like it?  Going back?

I know that travel to Anchorage and lodging/food there are not covered, but assuming wages/tips will offset those expenses.  Any advice on lodging and other logistics would be appreciated.

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 couldnt get used to light all the time,closet for a room-bunk bed,bunch of 18 and 19 year olds,so imature.

Hi Tony;

I will be working for Holland American-Princess in Alaska in Juneau this summer. It's my first season with them so far the process has been positive. I am planning to be a CDL Tour Driver for them. 

Thanks for the reply Vanessa.  I'm still waiting to hear about getting hired out of Anchorage, but it's good to hear some positive feedback.  I should know for sure or not next week.

I just got hired on this last week so jumping through the CDL hoops as I write this reply....need a break from studying lol.

You will like Anchorage..what are you going to be doing for them?


Been interviewing for Tour Director-based out of Anchorage.  Not hired yet, but I'm sure it'll be a sprint to get ready by May 1 if I do.  Need to get first aid/CPR up to date.

Good luck on the CDL.


I got my Medical Card tonight so that part is done....

As a tour director you will be living out of a suit case most of the time. Lodging is expensive and hard to find. I would be looking on sites such as Craigslist. Anchorage driver guides go together and share an apartment. You will find 12 to 15 people sharing a small two bed room apartment. One thing to keep in mind HAP is not the only game in town. There are many tour companies and everyone is looking. The driver guides are receiving a .50 cent raise this year due to no lodging available. Premier has taken over Royal Car. Tours land and rail division. Which has made the competition for housing even harder. It can be done if you are resourceful.

I have worked for HAP as a driver guide for two years. My location is McKinley Princess lodge and like it very much. Housing and food is available for a small fee. I just found it better for me. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

As a side note, while you are traveling with the guests, you stay at the lodges where they are. So that is a plus..... Just remember the driver guides are there to help you. Don't be afraid to ask for help in explaining something or suggestions about a specific area. It has been my experience that most tour directors are glad for the assistance. However, I have run into a few that were, let's say "difficult".


I am working HAP out of Juneau and they did secure housing their for employees that is positive. Juneau housing can be especially difficult to find!! I am going to try and work out of Fairbanks next summer if all goes well this summer HAP.

Being able to stay at the hotel is a plus for sure. What area do they hire for these positions? Something to consider next year.

As for driver guide I will ask all the questions I need to.

Thanks for the information.

The only problem I could see with Juneau is the travel in the coach is limited due to very few roads. It will be a great way to get your feet wet and your CDL w/passenger endorsement. I trained in Fairbanks. Denali and McKinley offer housing and food.. I pay 15.00 dollars a day for housing & food. Some like Fairbanks because of the over the road travel.

I am using this opportunity to get my CDL, get my feet wet and figured it would be good experience to start off with....tried to get Fairbanks but they did not have any openings left....would have been my preference!!

In addition Tony, each location has it's pro's and con's. I know many folks would not work anywhere other that Anchorage. This is due to entertainment thats available. I would not work in Anchorage as a driver guide.. Just the traffic and they are running all hours of the night and day. I will be heading back for a third season at McKinley (as it stands now). McKinley Princess Lodge has a large returning driver force every year. I have been treated very fair and can not say enough good things about the lodge and management overall. Good luck in whatever you decide.

May good to try out various locations and see how it works out; everyone is different.


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