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Looking for people interested in helping out on a new project

Hello all!  My wife and I are in the development stage of a non-profit project called Season Savvy and are looking to recruit others who may be interested in the concept.  Basically we need people who are currently working seasonal jobs (as well as those who have done so in the past) that may want to contribute their knowledge, experiences and multimedia to an online reference guide database of seasonal job.

One of the biggest problems that we think exists, in regard to seasonal employment, is the lack of detailed information on the living conditions and lifestyle changes one can expect at the many seasonal jobs that exist.  Whether it be pictures of employee housing or information about the area (like how you may have to drive two hours to get to a grocery store or use a cell phone!), there’s definitely a lack of detailed information available online.  But, with the help of other like-minded individuals, we're hoping to start filling in those gaps with the Season Savvy database project.  That way we can help each other avoid some of the uncertainty and stress that tends to go along with the process of choosing a seasonal job!

The requirements for participation are simple: have a passion for seasonal employment, access to a camera/Internet and commitment to the cause.  It would also be helpful if you're currently working the 2012 summer season but unnecessary as long as you have knowledge of a particular location and access to related multimedia.  And whether this is your first season or your 30th, we welcome everyone who has a genuine interest in helping out!

Ideally, we'd like to begin this project with guides to summer season/year-round jobs and work our way into the winter season.  Since the summer season is currently in full-swing, we think now is a great time for people to start compiling and creating information for their summer season reference guides.  Though, we're also interested in those who may have enough insight and information to create reference guides for the coming winter season, too.  We're hoping the project will hit its stride during the beginning of next year, when people begin their job searches for the 2013 summer season and beyond.

Collaboration and publishing will be done through your own Google account and your reference guide will be linked to our umbrella website,  My wife and I are in our late 20's and have backgrounds in the fields of I.T. and front/back office, so we can assist you along the way as your technical and publishing needs present themselves.  We can also provide a rough outline of the kinds of information and multimedia you should probably include (you'll be the first to see our current seasonal job's reference guide, as an example, when it goes live in the next couple of weeks), but think it'd be best if everyone involved simply asks themselves: "What kinds of information do I wish I had before I started this/that job?"  

Additionally, Google offers many tools for this project that we can help you familiarize yourself with, such as shared office documents (Google Docs), image hosting (Picassa), video hosting (YouTube) and a blogging platform (Blogger)- all included in your Google account for free!  These tools are very easy to work with and will offer you a chance to be as creative as you'd like.  The account even has a social networking platform called Google+ which may even help you expand your social networking horizons (think of it as a less e-cluttered version of Facebook:).

And because this project will simply be a collection of blogs that are presented as static web pages (the Google Blogger platform makes for a simple website publishing tool- you won't be blogging in the conventional sense unless you want to), you will have full rights and editing access to your work for as long as you allow it to be published online from the Blogger platform.  

So, if this sounds like something you’re interested in and want to be the first to create a reference guide to a particular seasonal job to which you consider yourself to be savvy, get in touch!  We’ll send you a short questionnaire that'll help us begin the collaboration process.  And please feel free to ask us any questions in this forum thread, too!

This could be a fun summer project for those interested and a great opportunity for those who’d like to be published on a relatively large scale.  It’ll also afford you an opportunity to give back to the seasonal employee community in a big way.  And, once we're a little further along, we'd also like to present this project to the staff as a resource they can link to from their website if they'll have us!

If it wasn’t for resources like, I don’t think we would have ever stumbled into the wonderful world of seasonal employment.  So, we’re excited to help add to the resources available online that have helped us so much!  Join us!!

Ways to get in touch:
This forum thread!

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We've created a simple graphic to help you visualize the way the project will be presented online.  As you can see, will be the umbrella website where people will be able to find links to the various seasonal job guides by property.  Once we're in contact with a person(s) who are willing to create an employee reference guide for any given property, the property's page will be established on and be open to other guides being added in the future.  By compartmentalizing the guides in this way, all contributors will maintain the rights to their work as well as full access to editing and updates.  This will also allow those who want to maintain a blog, in addition to their guide, to have access to a wider audience.  We have lots of other fun and exciting ideas we hope to roll out as the site matures, too!  So please get in touch if you'd like to help out!


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