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Looking to apply for spring/summer 1st time seasonal worker.

Hello all,

I am interested in starting a seasonal career this coming spring/summer and I had a few questions.

Does anyone know when the best time to apply for spring/summer jobs? I started to apply online for Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge, but there was a very limited section of non driving jobs. So I assume they haven't started the application process for summer yet.

I would like to get a job doing maintenance if anyone has any insight or suggestions. I am not too picky about location, but I would prefer to be near mountains and anywhere west of Chicago.

The only concerns I have are, from reading the forums, is being "stuck" at a location for the season with not so fair employers. I am always hard working and usually enjoy the work I'm doing, but I know from experience that a bad boss/employer can create an unbearable work environment.

I would like to do seasonal work year round, even if it’s not with the same employer year round. I look forward to discussing this further if anyone as any insight or suggestions.

Thank you,

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Hey John,

I'll let the tribe share their thoughts, but I will say, since I worked for Princess in the past, that they won't really be looking at apps for 2010 until at least November and most likely won't be doing interviews until January.

Good luck with the process. It's fun out there. : )

I guess I started my search a little soon, but at least I'll have time to narrow my search down :)
I didn't start applying until December/January. Wyoming is an amazing place is you want to give it a try!
I have never been to Wyoming, only seen pictures. It looks like a great place to live/work though. I'll have to check it out.
yellowstone is a great starting place they start apps in jan. season is anywhere from mid april to october. maintence would probally be best with xanterra
good luck! its a good life if you realize it is a job first play and fun on off times.
Thank you for the info. I will definitely look into xanterra and yellowstone.
Wyoming is beautiful. If you look there are several resorts and dude ranches on the North Fork Highway. It's a beautiful Highway. You can try Yellowstone Valley Inn, Pahaska Teepee Lodge, Elephant Head Lodge. I know several people there you could speak with if you want that information. Good Luck.
Thank you for your response. I will research the 3 places you've listed. I would be interested in speaking to any with information about maintenance type jobs. I currently do unit and ground/property maintenance for my condominium association.
hey caitlin, trying to get started with seasonal work by next year, i would love to go to wyoming, where are the places that are best to work..... i'm willing to start anywhere at first(job wise) love any info or and advice thanks
It all depends on what you're looking for. I'm working on a dude ranch outside of Dubois, which is a lot quieter and smaller than working in the national park system. So if you want a smaller staff, we had 15 staff at our busiest, and something with fewer tourists, check out dude ranches. But if you'd rather have a larger staff and be right inside of Yellowstone/Grand Teton then definitely check out the lodges and everything there. Good Luck!
I agree Yellowstone would be a good place to go. I applied for Xanterra slightly later than most because I applied in February. I LOVED it there! My job was not the most exciting as I was a housekeeper but I worked with some of the nicest people which really helped. This was my first job right out of high school and I want to go back. I would say December/January is a good time to apply. Good Luck!
I was at Old Faithful by the way.
I have read mixed reviews for working for Xanterra. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I have always been the type of person to experience things for myself, rather than only relying on hearsay. That’s cool that this was your first job right out of high school. My first job was a fry cook at McDonalds when I was 15, lol. Thank you for the info.


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