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Looking to apply for spring/summer 1st time seasonal worker.

Hello all,

I am interested in starting a seasonal career this coming spring/summer and I had a few questions.

Does anyone know when the best time to apply for spring/summer jobs? I started to apply online for Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge, but there was a very limited section of non driving jobs. So I assume they haven't started the application process for summer yet.

I would like to get a job doing maintenance if anyone has any insight or suggestions. I am not too picky about location, but I would prefer to be near mountains and anywhere west of Chicago.

The only concerns I have are, from reading the forums, is being "stuck" at a location for the season with not so fair employers. I am always hard working and usually enjoy the work I'm doing, but I know from experience that a bad boss/employer can create an unbearable work environment.

I would like to do seasonal work year round, even if it’s not with the same employer year round. I look forward to discussing this further if anyone as any insight or suggestions.

Thank you,

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hi all i too, am looking for my first gig, from all the readings i done so far it seems yellowstone is good place, are there any certain areas that might be better or worst for a rookie??? looking for all advice i can get... i think there are alot of helpful people of this site, i can't wait to get out meet some one day thanks
Are you looking at Food and Bev, Hospitality, Retail or something else? I can only speak for Housekeeping at Old Faithful Lodge. I thought it was a great first job that taught me a lot of responsibility. I cleaned 16 rooms a day and averaged around 10 due outs and the rest occupieds. I also worked with a GREAT group of people who were very nice and helpful. However, I think I will try retail next year because I do prefer that. But I did have a great time. Good luck!
Hey John I talked to personel at Aramark in Denali and they will start taking Apps in Nov They run alot of props up there, you will have a better chance of transfer if the job isn't working out I did it once myself while working in the Chalets
Thanks for the info Jeff. I'm thinking of using Yellowstone as a starting point and eventually working my way north to Alaska.
You may want to look at Jackson, Wy. It is close to Yellowstone and the Tetons, which are spectacular. It is also near the Gros Ventre, Jedediah Smith Wilderness, and many other lesser-known (but no less beautiful) wilderness areas. The economy in Jackson is good although cost of living can be a bit high. The town itself is exciting and dynamic; If I were not in Alaska it would be my on my short list of places to live.... it is busy both summer and winter.
Working in Yellowstone is awesome because of all the great people you will meet from all over the world but beware the pay scale. My better-paid friends made 450 every two weeks so plan your finances accordingly (servers and bartenders do much better than average though). It would be a good idea to pay off those credit cards and lose the car payments, for example....
Save your $$$ at the beginning of the season and you will have options if you are concerned about getting "stuck" in a bad job. Good luck.... :0) Ask away if you have any more questions....
I will definitely look into the places you mentioned. Your friends that made $450 every 2 weeks, they were working full time? Were they paying room and board out of their paycheck? Was that for Xanterra? I currently work in the maintenance field and I plan sticking with maintenance with my seasonal work.
I worked for Xanterra at Yellowstone and as a cook that is about what I made ($450 every two weeks) working full-time after taxes and the room and board deduction (net take home pay).
I made about $300 working 62 hours every 2 weeks (I believe). Not a fantastic paycheck but I loved the area. I would take waking up to bison outside my door any day. The memories are worth more than the cash. Good Luck!
By the way, the paycheck includes housing and food deduction.
I worked at the Pahaska Tepee Resort this summer, and it was the best time of my life. Pretty sad about being back home. The owners are the nicest people ever, and it is beautiful there.
Julie, I checked out their website. I think I am steering away from Xanterra. Think the smaller "mom and pop" type place will suit me better. Thanks for the info!
xanterra's not so bad. xanterra in estes park, now those are some solid dudes


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