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Looking to work 2012 Tetons or YNP after 6 years off. Which is best?

Hi all. So I have already spent 3 seasons in Yellowstone; one as an SCA intern at Lake, and two with DNC in Canyon. I might have the opportunity to go back for the 2012 summer season and am trying to decide to go back to YNP or give the Tetons a shot. I can probably go early in the season (late April) until mid September.

For Yellowstone:

For those of you that have been recent servers with DNC, what is the best location to go to?

Any thoughts on working for Xanterra, YPSS, or the Yellowstone Association? Do these guys give you two days off in a row? I think I remember reading somewhere that the Yellowstone Association does not provide housing if you don't have an RV. Can anyone confirm this?

For the Tetons:

What's the best strategy to get in with Signal Mountain Lodge? I have heard this is a great company to work for, but that have a low turnover rate.

Opinions on others?



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I would not recommend Signal Mountain Lodge. It's run by Forever Resorts and they have a huge turnover rate. I worked for them at a different location once and it was miserable. Their management level is completely unorganized and people are so bitter, and nothing is organized. Worst company I ever worked with. If you want to work in the Tetons, look into Vail Resorts. They were far more organized and have some great locations in the Tetons (Jenny Lake, Jackson Lake Lodge, Colter Bay...)

I agree with you for the most part about Forever Resorts. I had a less than great time at Big Bend and a horrible time at the North Rim.

But for some reason Signal Mtn was completely different. It was one of the best run properties I have ever worked at. At times I even had the F&B mgr and the Asst. GM cooking with me on the breakfast line. I was there the summer of 2010 and the EDR was the BEST . Great food, plenty of it and friendly staff.

Please don't judge Signal by the rest of Forever properties.The one thing I can't figure out is why the owner, Rex, doesn't have the mgrs of his other propertie spend some time at Signal to see how a succesful peoperty operates.

My two summers in the Tetons were the best summers of my life.  I worked at Jenny Lake Lodge (in the dining room) and we had a very intense five days on two days off schedule.  Our favorite watering hole was Signal.  The bartenders from Signal and the servers from Jenny had a very good relationship.  We didn't make it out of camp very often, so they knew when we did we were out for a good time.  I never worked for Forever, but the Signal employees that I met were very happy.  I also have friends who have worked for Forever in Big Bend, and they have nothing but complements for the organization. 

As far a Vail goes, I agree.  I loved working for GTLC (consessionaire under Vail).  They really have their stuff together.  Food and lodging are very affordable.  Be prepared to work very hard at Jenny, but the money and mountain access make the whole thing worthwhile.  Jackson Lake and Colter Bay are much more laid back, college dorm style. 

Yellowstone also kind of filters out the crowd from the Tetons as well.  There are far less visitors, and the ones who are there I've found to be more pleasant.  I've spent plenty of time in both parks, and I'll take the Tetons any day.

Hope all this helps!

canyon servers for dnc do the best 09,10 were awesome good years for money and last year was very slow at first and picked up later  . that store will have several people that worked there last year mostly servers . I love that store and location and will sadly miss it this year:(


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