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I'm 65 years old and in the process of retiring.  I've been on coolworks for 2  years now and have tried to find seasonal work.  I even started early this year in April and submit my applications and follow-up with resumes and cover letters.  I look at everything on CoolWorks and only apply for jobs that are posted as open.  I've had 2 responses.  One that resulted in a Skype interview a week ago with nothing since...not even a response to my email yesterday.  The other let me know the position was filled.  I don't know if I'm giving too much information or not enough.  Could really use some advice from those of you in my age group that have done or are currently doing this.

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Chisos Mountain, Big Bend National Park..owned by Forever Resorts

Ann, when is the best time to start applying?  

When they have something open you want.  They usually each of the companies, have representatives come in around August looking for help for thefall winter seasons.  I know they did while I worked at Glacier.  If you like travel, look for a job n steamboats on the Mississippi River.

I've actually looked into the Steamboats on the Mississippi.  Most of them (if not all) are through American Steamboat Co., and you need to either live in Memphis or St. Louis.  Not willing to relocate to either of those locations. 

hello have you tried ski resorts?


Yes, I've tried the ski reports.  Just about all of them.  And even had a few interviews.  But don't seem to be able to get past the interview.  I've learned to get the applications out there months in advance.  I send follow-up emails.  There's been a couple times that I honestly thought I had the position, but then it fell apart.  I'm so tired of being told they found someone "with more experence" or someone better suited or they interview or tell me "your application is on the top of the pile. Stay in contact", and then they hire someone else and don't bother to say a word or respond to emails.  I've been told I need to "dummy" down my resume and as soon as I can figure out how to do that, I'll be applying again.  

hi Shere apply online at they operate like 60 resorts the application is 3 or 4 pages long but its worth it by the way age is not a barrier I am almost 59


I will check them out.  Thank you!

I applied at a ski resort after ski resort after my first summer in the seasonal industry and nobody even got back to me until a small ski resort on the east coast got back to me and I took that job. Then I did the same thing that following fall and still no responses until Deer Valley in Utah hired me and then after that doors slammed open and I got jobs at other ski resorts and interviews and I would turn down ones that I didn't want to work at after hearing more about them. This winter I am working at two ski resorts and after this winter ends its going to be pretty easy to go wherever I want I am guessing. Just have to get that first one and then they will eventually fall into your lap.

I hope so.  I've been doing this for 2 years now and submit no less than 3 applications daily, 5 days a week.  The only one I was even offered only paid $8/hr and it would have cost me nearly a month's pay to get there.  By the time I paid for my housing and meals, I pretty much would have been paying them for work for them!  lol  Not quite what I had in mind.  Funny thing, my grandson and I were both applying at several of them, thinking we would drive together and split the gas.  He got 2 jobs offers and took one!  Neither one of them ever called me.

Most times ski resorts are about the experience and not making tons of money. Though I understand if the pay is that low then its not worth it. Working at ski resorts are not worth working at if you are just looking to make money, if you want to get a free ski pass and ski or snowboard all the time its totally worth it. Lots of tip jobs you can make a killing like bartender, bell man and etc

A little late for 2016, but may help for 2017.  My first seasonal job was 2 years ago with Flaming Gorge Resort in Utah.  I applied in March and was working there by April.  I will tell you though that I learned I was lucky as most positions are usually filled by Jan or Feb.  I also got called for a couple of other jobs after I had accepted this one.  I didn't apply for job openings, but just sent apps and resumes to places I thought I might like to work.  I'm also an older worker and found that many at Flaming Gorge were also.  They are a family owned resort and RV park, provide housing (shared mobile home, but own bedroom for $50wk), pay $10 hr, and treat employees like members of the family.  Have fun!


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