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I'm 65 years old and in the process of retiring.  I've been on coolworks for 2  years now and have tried to find seasonal work.  I even started early this year in April and submit my applications and follow-up with resumes and cover letters.  I look at everything on CoolWorks and only apply for jobs that are posted as open.  I've had 2 responses.  One that resulted in a Skype interview a week ago with nothing since...not even a response to my email yesterday.  The other let me know the position was filled.  I don't know if I'm giving too much information or not enough.  Could really use some advice from those of you in my age group that have done or are currently doing this.

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Thanks for sharing, Beth! Nice to hear a review of sorts for Flaming Gorge. 

Thanks so much for the info Beth!
Thanks so much, Beth!

Hi Shere,

My name is Denise and I am starting now to look for places, and apply.  I am 64 next month:)  I don't have an RV so will start out looking for jobs that include a dorm situation/housing.  I am sick of sitting around, can't seem to organize my own time that well, not with productive things.  I'd like to keep it just more of a seasonal, part-time type job.  I want to move around too if possible, see America;) 

Write me anytime you want to yack.  I'm looking for people that want to gather and talk about what our plans are:)  I hope you are still around, I know you posted this back awhile.  I'm also looking into the .gov site for volunteer, maybe to start with.  I'm retired as well, with some income from that, but would definitely benefit from a paying job:)  I'd love to be able to save up for an actual RV, a small one, but well equipped would be a dream come true;)


PS Anyone is welcome to write me by the way:)  My hope is to find folks that might get on here on a regular basis to visit in the a.m.'s especially:)  If their working though, that might be hard to find them, maybe evening s then;)

Hi Denise. Good to meet you and welcome to retirement. I'm still here! I haven't been able too find any seasonal jobs and now after 2 years, I give up. But don't you give up. I have just realized it's not in Gods plan for me right now. Instead He has put me in a volunteer position at our local Youth Center working with and mentoring middle and high school students. I'm Hopi f it turns into a paying position app. As I can't live on just my social security check.

I continue to "share" the job postings on my FB from CoolWorks, tho. I believe it's an awesome potential experience. My 18 yo grandson worked one in CO this past summer and is going back this next April for the entire season.

Now is the time to start looking for next summer as employers are already posting. The summer season typically runs April/May thru the first of Oct. but don't give up. My grandson wasn't called until August!

Good luck and stay in touch.

Happy you found something and I do understand about God's plan for us, and it being a bit different sometimes, than ours, lol;)

I am listing/bookmarking all the sites to apply with companies.  I have these so far:

Coolworks, xanterra,, Delaware Corp (Corp of Engineers I think this one is, not sure yet) and someone said Amazon.  If you know of others, would love to add them to my list of potentials.

Thanks, it was great to hear from you!!  I want something with manual labor because I think those jobs are less stressful for me.  I'd love to be a sort of tour guide, even maybe use my trailbike.  Read one job about doing that, taking people out for tours on bikes around a park etc.  I'll scrub toities though, done that all my life, LOL!  Not picky, just want to be "out there".  Denise:)

I just sent my first resume out today.  My work record is not very impressive as I moved around a lot through the years.  I hope someone will give me the chance though.  I've learned (even in shorter, term positions) a good work ethic, and have good people skills.  I am hoping for a job either as an Activity Organizer, tour-guide, or driver.  I also enjoyed working in a laundry room one Summer out in Wyoming.  I would like that, but on either a resort, or National Park more than on a ranch.

Thanks again for your note Shere:) Denise

I think you about covered it, Denise. Xantera lists on CoolWorks do you don't need to go direct to them. I remember seeing several this summer looking for tour guides. I think some were in Alaska and a few were in AZ and TX. I always applied just thru listings on CoolWorks but one lady told me she just sent her resume to places she thought she would like to work.


It's not unheard of to put up to 10 applications out for review at this time of the year - you have so many options! While you're applying to "open" positions, be sure to take a look at the Profile listings for employers - they have many many positions listed within them. So - if you find an employer that looks like a good match for your wishes and adventures, apply with flexibility in what job type you might accept and see how it goes!

Thanks for the response, Patty.  In the past, I applied to no less than 3/day every day of the week.  This year I'm getting an early start and am hopeful, God willing, I will find something finally for the summer season!

Hi Shere,

I've been using Coolworks for years. They usually have a number of good jobs, depending upon your interests. There is an ENORMOUS number of jobs out there begging - at times and places. I am 70 and most recently completed a "season" from May 22 until October 1 as a night auditor in Glacier Park - fantastic!

You are wise to start for summer employment in December. Why? The very best jobs are sometimes taken the minute they get a highly qualified applicant. I have applied in December for a job starting in May and been  hired in January.

The logistics is a first place and it's another reason to start early. Sorrel River Ranch has a "season" that starts next month. Lake Powell starts their "season" in March. Closing dates vary also. So-o if you have a strong preference for a long or short season, if you have a strong preference for the area of  the country or whether it's at the beach on in the Northern your homework.

Some don't realize that all the ski resorts now also have strong summer seasons with fantastic jobs and surrounds. Hospitality jobs cover the spectrum from first aid station to marina dock hand and from wrangler to accounting. NO resort to my knowledge typically has enough maids or dishwashers but there are other jobs that are open frequently with more conditions.

Some of the jobs that are available and are great places to start are gift shop clerks, accounting assistants, and convenience store clerks. Reservationists, hotel desk clerks and dorm mommies are also needed.

I personally liked Glacier Park, Telluride, Vail and Jackson but had some fun in Grand Teton and a number of other places as well. Glacier is now putting on hundreds and a call to their HR seeking some input on what to look at is a great place to start. It has a late May to mid-September season with housing and meals on a variety of plans.

Vail Resorts runs numerous resorts and is putting on in the low four figures. A couple of their properties that I've liked were the Lodge at Vail and Jenny Lake Lodge.

Glacier and Yellowstone have dorms for over-40's and a wide variety of jobs. Vail Resorts has a great deal of housing but not every job supplies it. Housing in some resorts is so expensive as to make it hard to have a door of you own.

I enjoyed a small resort just outside Yellowstone Park, the Pahaska Teepee Resort. It's a dude ranch with retail, food and beverage, and lodging and a call to their HR inquiring as to the makeup of the employees, the housing available, wages and jobs open - it's a way to start.

In beautiful Telluride, I like the Madeline Hotel and the main company that runs the mountain, Telluride Skl & Golf, hires hundreds for a wide variety of jobs. Ask them where they think  you might fit. Are you interested in inside or outside or both? Will you have transportation? They're always looking for gondola attendants that double as mini-bus drivers and, yes, women your age do the job.

They have retail and food and beverage and lodging as well as activities and some prospecting's a wise way to find what operation is a fun place to work. A hostess at a fun restaurant or an information attendant at a info booth may be the most pleasant job. Are you interested in lots of hours, high pay, lots of interaction with people? Or do  you want a white collar job?

There are all sorts of desks to man. Hotel concierge desks help guests with reservations, the welcome booth serves as a source of information on hiking, transportation and related. Transportation desks, information desks, and natural resource assistants all share local knowledge.

After you get some hints as to what you might like and what various employers might need, send in lots of applications but remember some will ask you to choose quickly and you'll have to stop or miss a job while there are lots of other applications out so kind of marshal  your attack.

Personally I'd call the Lodge at Vail, Grand Teton Lodge Company regards Jenny Lake Lodge, the Madeline Hotel, and maybe the Fairmont Telluride to start. Throw in one more and keep five hot - you'll land something...

Thanks so much for the info, Dan! It really gives me hope that I can still find something at my age. I did start early this year as I have been watching the site for summer season postings and I was encouraged by one that interviewed me last year that said they would love to hire me, but so late in the season, they needed experience and encouraged me to reapply this year. So far, that is the only one I've applied for. I've been interviewed and my references are being checked. It will be a long season, May - October, but my part-time job working with kids as told me they will work around my schedule. Doing a lot of praying!

Thanks again.


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