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I'm 65 years old and in the process of retiring.  I've been on coolworks for 2  years now and have tried to find seasonal work.  I even started early this year in April and submit my applications and follow-up with resumes and cover letters.  I look at everything on CoolWorks and only apply for jobs that are posted as open.  I've had 2 responses.  One that resulted in a Skype interview a week ago with nothing since...not even a response to my email yesterday.  The other let me know the position was filled.  I don't know if I'm giving too much information or not enough.  Could really use some advice from those of you in my age group that have done or are currently doing this.

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Hi again Shere, and Dan,

Especially wanted to thank Dan for his great post, covered so much, very helpful as I am still hoping to do this.  I'm in the same boat I was, no RV, but as Dan mentioned, there are places out there with dorms:)

I so want to get out and travel, but to be honest with all of you, I am timid, much more so than when I was younger.  I was really a gypsy, and pretty fearless. Traveled from job to job with my little dog Toney.  She died at age 15, and I have yet to get another, she was such a loss.  I know some places I couldn't get hired because I had a pet too so I have that to consider.

Anyway, I am stagnating in this low-income bracket of retirement.  I think if I just went for it I would love it again, just went through a rough time before I got my SS at 62, and now I feel some security, not used to getting on the highway, and my truck is a 94 so getting up there as well.  I have put about 3000 into it in the last, 3 years though.  Keeping it up with anything new it needs.  Still great on mpg;)  I can camp in the back too if I travel.  I have some plans to fix it up better under the canopy:)

Just want to touch base here, and again, thanks to any that have shared on this thread.  I haven't kept up on everything, but maybe I will start again now;) Denise

At age 66, I think I am probably more fearless than when I was younger. Back in the day, there were kids and job responsibilities to consider. But, now, kids and 1/2 the grands all grown up, and it's my time to travel and see what I can without having to worry about the kids. I'm in that low-income bracket of retirement as well. I started collecting my SS at 62 because I couldn't live on what I was making in a job. So sad to think that I was making $15=20K less than in my 30s and 40s. But, everytime I thought I would finally catch or get ahead, SS would cut me for months at a time because I made too much! So happy to have turned 66! Two weeks ago, I gave my car back to the bank. I couldn't get caught up because I couldn't find full-time work and the more I thought about it, I didn't want to be forced to work full-time another 4 years just to make a car payment. So, I've decided that whatever seasonal job I get, I will take the bus or train whenever possible and see the country on the way!

Don't give up, Denise, I haven't!

I'm lucky my truck is payed for but it is old.  I am going to home depot today and look at some plywood from building a platform bed in the back though.  Also, I need a new canopy, maybe, if I can find a good deal, I will find one a bit taller than the one I have, more head space;)

Thanks for the reply, and I may be getting close to my 2nd wind in really going for a seasonal position;) thanks Shere! denise

I love that you're freeing yourself of entanglements!

One of my favorite encore career people moved from a Grocery manager career with just a backpack and a few things (selling a house and all that!) to take a seasonal job at Mount Rainier. After a few years, he's decided to make a new home in Phoenix, bought a place he got a REALLY great deal on (tiny, but perfect) and he's living the dream working at Mount Rainier in the summer, and traveling some, while still having a base. It can be done - marvelously!

Way to go!

Love this story Patty, thank you for sharing it:)

I was checking out prices on canopies, used and new today.  I'm also planning to apply both in Oregon, and possibly someplace in CA as I would like it if my first job is not too far from home.  I haven't driven long distance for some time, so want to take it easy to start out.

Hope to keep spending time here with others so I can learn as much as possible;)



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