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I'm 65 years old and in the process of retiring.  I've been on coolworks for 2  years now and have tried to find seasonal work.  I even started early this year in April and submit my applications and follow-up with resumes and cover letters.  I look at everything on CoolWorks and only apply for jobs that are posted as open.  I've had 2 responses.  One that resulted in a Skype interview a week ago with nothing since...not even a response to my email yesterday.  The other let me know the position was filled.  I don't know if I'm giving too much information or not enough.  Could really use some advice from those of you in my age group that have done or are currently doing this.

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It involves collecting money, credit cards for payment into the parks.  If lookiing look fee collector as key words.  Usually requires knowledge experince handling cash register and having customer service skills.  Job can be stressfull if working at a high entry gate.  Hope this helps, Ann

Hey Shere, what kind of work do you want to do? there are all kinds of positions out there, you just have to find the right one.  Most people start looking in December though and are in a position by this time of year.  Try the Grand Tetons Lodge or even Glacier...   Just remember, right now all the companies are dealing with the "glut" of getting almost all the employees their hired into the system and trying to figure out who is going to stay and who will be leaving early.  I know of several friends that waited and did get called for work in July/Aug/Sep to fill in behind the college kids leaving and going back to school.

If you are interested in working as a tour driver of a coach, you can start applying in August this year for a job in Alaska next year.  They will give you training too usually in Las Vegas, Salt Lake City or Bellingham.

I am a permanent employee now with the US Government.  However, I still hear the call of seasonal work and will answer again someday... so that being said, you can also tap me for review.  I'm   

Hi Ann,

Thanks so much for responding to my call for help.  My first choice was actually to be a tour guide on a bus.  A friend of mine 30 years ago was a retired school secretary at the time.  She went that route and absolutely loved it.  She was a volunteer, but her travel and lodging was always paid for.  That was actually what made me think about doing something like this.  I love to travel, think I'd make a pretty good tour guide, and don't need to make a fortune...just something to suppliment my social security.  I've been trying to find a tour company that hires for about 5 years now to no avail.  Another long time friend of mine used to do the Camp Host thing with her husband after they retired and before he passed away.  I just want to travel and work at the same time.  Life is too short not to do the things you love in your later years!  And, I'm just so frustrated that I don't seem to be getting anywhere.  Shere


Holland American Princess as a tour driver (same thing only you are driving while giving a tour and when you reach your destination, you will be the tour guide)... if you do not have a Class B Driver's License - then you can get one by going to your local school system and applying for a job as a school bus driver.  This will facilitate you getting the job you want as a tour driver guide - this is what I did.  If you are interested in being a camp host, then look to the Corps of Engineers.. there is several places on Flat Head Lake, Mt that I wouldn't mind being the host of fo4 the summer.  Don't loose hope! keep trying, as the hiring will happen, you just haven't found the best spot for yourself yet.  Aggie71 is a good resource also - if you are interested in being a tour guide, look to work in the National Parks as an interpretative guide seasonal employee. 

Thanks, Ann.  I really don't want to drive a bus, tho, of any kind.  Too big for me! LOL  Never heard of an "interpretative guide".  That might be fun!  I will definitely have to talk to Aggie71 about that.

Just look it up - or a fee taker get $15.00 an hour.

Look at Allen Tours, Ketchikan, AK.   Great employer and you get to go out on their tours.   

I applied with them back in April.  Never heard anything back from them.

Do it again.  Emphasis your customer service skills and willingnrss to learn about the area to promote guests interest in the area.

Call them...that shows you are interested and remember, they are a family company that has been in business for a very long time.  They are also looking for office staff....

I applied a couple weeks ago with Holland American Princess for another position they were advertising.  Perks are awesome.  Haven't had a response, tho.

Hang in there..... if you have not gotten a response, call them.  Busy time right now.

Looks like I might have finally landed a summer job in Yellowstone.  I'll know this evening. Fingers crossed!  Now for the winter season.  I've had an offer for a Winter Season job from one that passed me over for Summer.  But, I don't want to work in the snow in the Winter.  I live in TN and I'm trying to escape the snow.  So what are some good "warm weather" jobs to look into and when is the best time to start applying?


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