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I'm 65 years old and in the process of retiring.  I've been on coolworks for 2  years now and have tried to find seasonal work.  I even started early this year in April and submit my applications and follow-up with resumes and cover letters.  I look at everything on CoolWorks and only apply for jobs that are posted as open.  I've had 2 responses.  One that resulted in a Skype interview a week ago with nothing since...not even a response to my email yesterday.  The other let me know the position was filled.  I don't know if I'm giving too much information or not enough.  Could really use some advice from those of you in my age group that have done or are currently doing this.

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Thanks for sharing, Beth! Nice to hear a review of sorts for Flaming Gorge. 

Thanks so much for the info Beth!
Thanks so much, Beth!

Hi Shere,

My name is Denise and I am starting now to look for places, and apply.  I am 64 next month:)  I don't have an RV so will start out looking for jobs that include a dorm situation/housing.  I am sick of sitting around, can't seem to organize my own time that well, not with productive things.  I'd like to keep it just more of a seasonal, part-time type job.  I want to move around too if possible, see America;) 

Write me anytime you want to yack.  I'm looking for people that want to gather and talk about what our plans are:)  I hope you are still around, I know you posted this back awhile.  I'm also looking into the .gov site for volunteer, maybe to start with.  I'm retired as well, with some income from that, but would definitely benefit from a paying job:)  I'd love to be able to save up for an actual RV, a small one, but well equipped would be a dream come true;)


PS Anyone is welcome to write me by the way:)  My hope is to find folks that might get on here on a regular basis to visit in the a.m.'s especially:)  If their working though, that might be hard to find them, maybe evening s then;)

Hi Denise. Good to meet you and welcome to retirement. I'm still here! I haven't been able too find any seasonal jobs and now after 2 years, I give up. But don't you give up. I have just realized it's not in Gods plan for me right now. Instead He has put me in a volunteer position at our local Youth Center working with and mentoring middle and high school students. I'm Hopi f it turns into a paying position app. As I can't live on just my social security check.

I continue to "share" the job postings on my FB from CoolWorks, tho. I believe it's an awesome potential experience. My 18 yo grandson worked one in CO this past summer and is going back this next April for the entire season.

Now is the time to start looking for next summer as employers are already posting. The summer season typically runs April/May thru the first of Oct. but don't give up. My grandson wasn't called until August!

Good luck and stay in touch.

Happy you found something and I do understand about God's plan for us, and it being a bit different sometimes, than ours, lol;)

I am listing/bookmarking all the sites to apply with companies.  I have these so far:

Coolworks, xanterra,, Delaware Corp (Corp of Engineers I think this one is, not sure yet) and someone said Amazon.  If you know of others, would love to add them to my list of potentials.

Thanks, it was great to hear from you!!  I want something with manual labor because I think those jobs are less stressful for me.  I'd love to be a sort of tour guide, even maybe use my trailbike.  Read one job about doing that, taking people out for tours on bikes around a park etc.  I'll scrub toities though, done that all my life, LOL!  Not picky, just want to be "out there".  Denise:)

I just sent my first resume out today.  My work record is not very impressive as I moved around a lot through the years.  I hope someone will give me the chance though.  I've learned (even in shorter, term positions) a good work ethic, and have good people skills.  I am hoping for a job either as an Activity Organizer, tour-guide, or driver.  I also enjoyed working in a laundry room one Summer out in Wyoming.  I would like that, but on either a resort, or National Park more than on a ranch.

Thanks again for your note Shere:) Denise

I think you about covered it, Denise. Xantera lists on CoolWorks do you don't need to go direct to them. I remember seeing several this summer looking for tour guides. I think some were in Alaska and a few were in AZ and TX. I always applied just thru listings on CoolWorks but one lady told me she just sent her resume to places she thought she would like to work.


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