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i am curious

i am 42

when i was 26 i got a cool job as a tour guide summers, traveling all over USA with wealthy teens

a great job and it was 3-6 weeks

i did this for 8 years when i was a teacher

from this point, i can't seem to get a REAL JOB

so now i sub teach and do seasonal work

do people make a living on seasonal work?

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I've been making roughly $40k a year over the last ten years doing seasonal work. (as a bus driver/ski guide/emt/sled dog handler). It's not a ton, but certainly enough to be comfortable and put some in savings. If you are serious, hard working, intelligent, and know how to find good companies to work for, it certainly can be a very livable wage. 

I don't do seasonal work to make money and if you do then you are doing it for the wrong reasons or at least that is my opinion. I work seasonal jobs to do what I want. I hike as much as I want in the summer which is a passion of mine and then in the winter I work at ski resorts and ski as much as I possibly want for FREE! So when it costs a family of 4 almost $5,000 for a week at a ski resort it costs me nothing except rent which is not that much.

If I wanted to make money I would go back working FT regular jobs. I have been working seasonal jobs for the last 4 years so I guess the answer is YES, lol

I'd say you can but it depends on what type of job you do and also your expenses. Once I started bartending I was able to save money without trying. Before that I did two seasonal jobs as a cashier and one as an office person at a dude ranch and money was a major struggle. I always worked both the summer and winter seasons. Only working summers, most people could probably not make a living unless they were working the highest-paying summer jobs (usually tipped positions in busy places with a longer season) AND living very frugally.


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