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Hi there! I just finished my 5th season in Denali and need a break. I have applied for a summer position in Glacier National Park, MT for 2010. Anyone have any insight on Glacier Park, Inc? I want the real deal please! The good, the bad and the ugly! Also, does anyone know what computer system the desk uses for reservations?

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I can give you information on anything but the reservations and I can find out the answer to that for you. I've been back (was a retail manager at MGH) for less than a month. I will tell you this though; next year is the 100th anniversary of the park s get the application in early. Ask away.
Kevin, do you remember how much room and board was when you worked with GP? Also, do you know anything about working in the restaurant at Many Glacier?
I'm also thinking of applying to work in Glacier and could use some advice on where's the best place to work in the park, wages, housing, etc. Any information would be much appreciated!!


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