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Mary Glacier hotel in Glacier NP? anyone work here

Mary Glacier hotel in Glacier NP? anyone work here

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Hi Tom. I worked there last year. Some things will be different as Xanterra won the contract to operate the hotels inside the park for a number of years starting in 2014. Prior to this year, Glacier Park Inc was the concessionaire.

Many (as we call it) is crazy and amazing at the same time). Everyone wants to be at Many. We (and all the other properties) were sold out every night.

It is very remote. There are a ton of trails to explore right in your backyard. The flip side of that is you have to drive about 30 minutes on a dilapidated access road just to get out of the park. Then it is another 45 min to a "town" (Browning, MT). Kalispell is 3 hrs away. I would recommend bringing a car. Could you get by without one? Definitely, but having a vehicle gives you autonomy and full access to the park.

If you need/want to be closer to the city, I would recommend Lake McDonald Lodge. Its on the west side of the park and closer to Kalispell.

St. Mary Lodge would be another great option (this one is just outside the park therefore still run by GPI) as it is on the east side (sorry I'm biased towards the east side) but yet there is other stuff to do in the surrounding area.

Basically, if you work at Many, your whole life can end up being about Many especially if you don't have your own vehicle. Which can be good or bad of course.

If you have any specific questions I may be able to answer them. PM me if you want.

is there cell or internet at all?

No cell service at all. Verizon gets service in St. Mary (40 mins away from hotel). My friend has Sprint and her phone basically lost service when entering Montana. I have TMobile and was able to get spotty service in Browning and good service in Kalispell.

Most employees just used a payphone/phone card or just enjoy not being able to be bugged by anyone!

As far as internet goes this is subject to change due to Xanterra becoming the concessionaire. There were unique WiFi codes given to guests valid for 24 hours. Only guests were permitted access to these cards. The guest wifi access was really slow most of the time and was a frequent complaint. GPI did provide employee internet but it was really slow or nothing would load period. There is a town just over the Canadian border, Cardston (30 mins away), that has a Carriage Museum with excellent WiFi speeds. Best part is you can get it in the parking lot so the museum doesn't have to be open for you to use it. Hopefully this is something Xanterra can improve on.

i need internet a few times

bosses at hotel must have internet in their office right

I imagine that they do. Have you worked in a remote Xanterra operated park at all? How did they handle internet access for guests and employees? I am going to work with Xanterra next week at Zion NP. However I do not consider Zion remote as I am able to get cell service there, mostly towards the park entrance. And you can drive to St. George in like 45 minutes.

there used to be internet for the guest in the lobby. I used it all the time. Many is a beautiful place. I just hope that xanterra didn't hire the location mgr. that was there with GPI. she was a nasty----!


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