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I see this question on applications all the time and my answer is always no because I don't want my present manager knowing that I am thinking of leaving. I know they need to verify that I work at my present employment so what is the best way handle this situation? Should I leave a manager's name and just put down the phone # for human resources? Any suggestions would be helpful.

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9/10 most of them dont call your last job  but there are a few that might wonder why you dont want them to call your last job that might raise an eyebrow or two but if you tell them why then they could understand because your last job might try to block you from leaving 

I agree with you, Reggie.  Saying no is a potential red flag for a prospective employer. You may want to add a notation on the app somewhere that says, "Please wait until the last moment before you verify my employment.  My current employer doesn't know that I'm looking for a new job."  Somehow, try to show your willingness, but help them understand that you would appreciate it if the employer was discreet until you were ready to give your notice.

Thanks Reggie and Kari. I was wondering is I should put down my manager's name and just put down the human resources phone number. I also wonder if I should call an employer first to explain why I did that. I don't see anywhere on this particular application where I can explain why I chose no.

I give you an example of a company that will call your refs and your last job  este park ymca they will call everyone that you will put  down they are very strict about that

Unless you are on the advancement track at your present job and currently up for a competitive position, this should not matter. If you are a good employee and you are working for someone that would speak ill of you to prevent you from leaving, wake up, you don't want to work for them anyway. If you're good and your employer is good, they will not only speak well of you, they will get with you and discuss what it would take to keep you. Also, if you are a good employee and you have a good relationship, try talking with them and letting them know what you are doing and why you are doing it--they certainly won't fire a good employee. Look at it from their perspective as well--what kind of employee hides the fact they are looking to leave their job and then when they get a job walk in and quit their employer? What kind of reference will you get then? In the end, all you have is your reputation and integrity. One more point, in most cases and States an employer when contacted can only verify dates of employment and salary and if you are eligible for rehire--they can't ask anything else. Finally, before you put anyone down on your application as a reference, make sure you ask that person for permission and let them know by who and why they may be contacted.

Don is correct, I was a Manager and most of the time good employees leave because of wages, that is something a good Manager really can only do little about.  Good employees while it is sad to see them go if you are looking to better yourself they are willing to do their best for you.  I have had many successful out of work friendships because of this and it makes me proud of them.

i once had an interview and they called my employer and i never got the job and everyone at my work knew i was job hunting

i was mad

you might mention I will give references after an interview

Thanks for sharing that, Steven!  It's very helpful and thought full too!


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