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Can anyone tell me if you can have a mini-fridge in the DNC dorms, to store water and maybe fruit? I will be going to Fishing Bridge in June? Thanks, Cyndi

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i think u should be i know at denali we can if we wanted to some people did some people didnt
When I worked for xanterra I had a mini fridge and coffee pot and they said it was alright when I asked security don't know specifically about DNC but don't see why not. Most of the regs. about what you can have in your room have to do with hot plates, open to the air heating elements and stuff like that.
Cyndi, Sure ... I know of at least one DNC employee who had a mini-fridge in his dorm room at Fishing Bridge last year and I never heard there was any problem with it. I have one and would definitely bring it with me if I were going back to Fishing Bridge this summer - beats the heck out of an ice chest.
Hell, I can tell you a fridge story! I worked for DNC last year. Old Faithful. Not going to say what store but it's nuts. I bought a fridge.. and it so happened that news got out that a bought a fridge.. and the manager wasn't happy cause that's on the banned list as appliances. Well this person, manager told me to get rid of it or I will have to be released, as in fired. . haha. Well this was THEE biggest hassle between the MGMT and I. My advice is to not to bring one. I knew 4 older folks who had fridges but they had to be an ass to me and not say a word or ban the fridges from anyone else. Well it can vary from manager to manager, but I'll never take a fridge to a seasonal job ever again. Oh the bullshit lie from MGMT was oh the building's real old and my $40 might cause an electrical fire.. when everyone else had computers going, TV, DVD players.
Wow ... after reading Pete's reply I guess it's a good thing I kept mine at home last year. The old boy who had one last year was sorta dating the dorm lead so that probably explains why there was no problem with it. If I had brought one I am sure someone would have made a big stink over it.
it sounds more like a power trip on the managers part then a safety issue. if they realized that mini fridges are UL listed and are no more likely to cause a fire then say a tv. yet another reason i prefer to work at the smaller places
I also had a 21 year old roomm8.. so that could of been what sent them over the cliff. But I mean, come on half the foreigners there are over 21.. Plus I wouldn't just spend my money on a fridge to keep only beer cold.

It was also the type of fridge which had like one computer sized fan.. so yeah a fire issue.. that's a joke.
I think they took the extra step to prevent me from getting any alcohol. - My roomm8 and I weren't even drinkers. I think it's dorm invasion by the MGMT.
If a .fridge = beer. then does a .crowbar = crime.??
they really don't hold much beer anyway. i know that if i lived in a dorm, i would want a mini fridge to keep snacks in, or to store leftovers. on that point i would probably want a microwave also
every place i work we was allowed to have an fridge it does sound like an power trip

Danby dcr033a1bdb is the one off the best mini fridge. Its storage capacity help you to store fruits, waters and other eatables.  Its most advance cooling system will help to keep the food fresh.

I'd call their HR and ask if they have one, or if you can bring one. I bought this Danby one a few summers ago while living in Aramarks Parkside dorms in Denali. It worked out great for the summer, and as it was rather cheap (with the free prime shipping, it ran me a full 4 hours of pay!), I just left it there for the next years inhabitant to claim. Many of the rooms there had fridges, though the company did not supply them, they would just be gifted from one years staff to the next if you didn't return.


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