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anyone worked here for summer

how did u like it

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yes i need front of the house

id die with no public contact

Its all public contact. All the people that will be working there. Lots of international's , you will be ok.


where r internationals from?

in yellowstone they from russia,china

Yeah Tom they come from everywhere. Macedonia, Turkey, England, all great and very respectful young people. Love them all.

i have done various seasonal jobs

some times its sucks and other times its magical and  great

to me, this all depends on the staff and if i meet friends and make connections

you never know if this will happen

every place has a different culture and people

i like internationals 

I believe in my opinion and my experience and it has been only 3, that roommates make you or break you. Mt. Rushmore (Xanterra) was great in 2011. It's all in what you make it. If your going to make money, forget about it. Friends, I say yes you will, adventure For Sure. I don't do any of it to make friends or connections, it's the beautiful places and beauty of nature. Sometimes the nature of people can get the best of us, No Regrets for me.

roommates make it, yes! 

i do it for meeting new places and to be in a great place for a summer

god, you will love yellowstone!!!!!

Hey Tom, my name is Amanda and I just saw this message thread and decided to comment and introduce myself!
I'll be working at Mount Rushmore in the gift shop from May 6th-October 15th and I'm driving out there from Athens, Ga so I'll have a vehicle! Just so you know someone who will have a car out there.
This is my first time working with Xanterra and first time working at a national park.
I'm really excited though and can't wait to meet all kinds of people!
Are you still planning on working there?

yes im working there june.july,aug

i love working and visiting in national parks

do u want to email me?

im taking a bus out from mass

im 40 from mass/ct

Cool! Yea I'll email you! What's your email address?

i read u profile


i just texted a friend and told him i got this job

he works in a school now teaching nursing, but he was a travel nurse

i know alot of cool jobs like this

ive done this for years on and off

is there internet in dorms?


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