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Hey all! I am planning on moving to colorado next winter season. I have never moved out of state before and never worked at a ski resort but I am super stoked to do it! I just need advice on how to go about getting a job, where the best place to live/work would be and should I try to move before I get a job, or get one before I move?? HELP is much appreciated!


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No four about it get a job first. Matter of fact get two .you might only be getting a few hrs when its slow .

HI, I will write more later, but a good start for jobs. Go to one of the Craigslists sites that let you search more than one location at a time, Example or on Iphone there is a craigslist app. Then use High Rockies, Western Slope, Denver, Pueblo, Colorado Springs, etc. Then use category food/beverage/hospitality. That is a quick way to see jobs. Same thing with housing, you can select rooms/shares or apts or whichever your looking for. This saves having to look at categories your not interested in.

Right now, there are 7 bartending jobs on craigslist in the High Rockies and 4 on craigslist in the Western Slope. There are definitely places that offer full benefits, ski pass, lodging, food, and great tips. Right now, Colorado has not had good snow, so probably not as much hiring as when great snow. You can start at a different position at one of the bigger nicer hotel/resorts. Then when they see how good you are with people they will be excited and happy to move you to bartender. Make sure you research the place of employment, the town and amenities of the town before you apply. They want someone who is going to market their resort and the town.


I always get a job before I move. If you are open to any type of job and not that worried about money, you can move first, but if you want a specific type of position, I'd suggest applying at places in a few different towns and securing a job before you move. I guess I don't have a suggestion for which town to move to. I've lived in three parts of Colorado but don't think I've found the best one yet.

In some places it is better to work for the resort (you get a free pass) and in others it's best to work elsewhere. In most of Colorado the passes are pretty affordable if you buy at the beginning of the season--make sure you buy one early, because the price goes up A LOT.

Hi from Socal! I worked at my local mountain for a couple of seasons and really enjoyed and recommend it. I worked at Timberline Lodge at Mt Hood, Oregon. T-line is known for summer glacial skiing and being featured in the horror classic movie "The Shining". I made a video where I give you a tour of where I worked in the rental shop and the employee housing, entitled "Timberline Hoodlums".

I lost some of audio. I got a job there by going to one of their job fairs in October. I interviewed with some of the department managers, and the day lodge manager liked me and hooked me up with the rental shop.

I have found these tips might be helpful for the newbie:

* you definitely have to like snow (I know some who don't!)

* this is living and working in high altitudes so be sure you can get acclimitized

* be able to tolerate extreme cold, wind, icy, blizzard conditions

* if you own a vehicle, shoveling snow to get it out in the morning and scraping ice will be a regular chore

* most everyone who works there, guy or girl, are snowboarders (at least when I was at T-line)

* some of the employee housing residents are living away from parent's houses for first time

* due to the relative isolation and confinement I have witness endless constant drama

* off hours, it's nonstop partying

* but you will make many new friends and of course enjoy great scenery!

I too plan to be in Colorado next winter season. Feel free to hmu with any questions and good luck!


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