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Not sure what to do because now I have been offered a job at Mt. Rainier and Sol Duc Hot Springs in Washington! I worked at Sol Duc in 07' and it was interesting..a lot of drinking...but I have not heard anything about Mt. Rainier...if you have had an experience at Mt. Rainier or you are planning on attending this year let me know...I would love some feedback on the place!! Thanks!

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Hi Sara,

Did you decide where to go yet? I have a friend who is at Mt. Rainier now and wants to leave. I am scheduled to go there in June. I'm just trying to get a second opinion.

I wish you the best, where ever you go!

I started at Mt. Rainier two weeks ago, I think it depends on where you work at, there is a lot of different places you can be put in. I was not liking it at first, but I stayed and I'm glad I did because my manager is awesome and I love my coworkers. My only problem is the lack of wifi. I grew up two hours away from Rainier so I can go home on my days off. There's also no cell phone service except for in very precise locations. I hate not having wifi, but they say they're going to get it. It's really pretty up there but the snow is driving me crazy I want it to melt already and for itto be spring. But I think this season will be a fun experience, I can't wait to go hiking.
Ill be at Mt. Rainier =)
I worked there for two seasons. I did not like the job or management. They treated my friends and I like garbage, like we were not human, very mean. Hard to do your job when things are set up so badly, lots of unhappy guests. The hiking is great though!
Cons: one payphone for 50+ employees, 28k dial up on one pc for all to share. If they say they are getting wireless, THEY ARE LYING TO YOU, they say this every year just to get you there. No cell service for 30 minute drive. EDR food is very unhealthy, frozen or fried every day, nothing is home made but salads, whatever is easiest for the cooks. I would work somewhere else. Employee satisfaction rate is probably somewhere around 10%. It's really sad, they need to change and chill out, treat people like they are people. You are not a person, got a problem with something? too bad, you are the problem. I've had great experiences at a few other parks, I just don't understand this place.
pros: hiking is the best, Mt St Helens is not far and the hiking there is great. Awesome view of the stars at night. Great photography ops. As with all parks - good place to save money.
that's too bad because it is such a awesome place. they were really rude to me last year when i applied that i told them to forget it. maybe when there contract expires the park service wont' renew it. it really isn't that hard to treat employees with respect, when you do you get a happy more productive worker.
i worked at Mt. Rainier in 2009. it was my 5th park and it was the worse one of them all.

housing was terrible ( 25 people shared one shower). Bad work environment

there are plenty of parks, i recommend going somewhere else
WOW 25 people for one shower? did the showers break down? one cooks shower was leaking from the shower above him on him when they showered. 25 people one shower?!!
no.......there was one shower for all 25 to share and 2 toilets for the entire season

So, Has the Park got any better or is it the same, no wi-fi, cell service showers, ect. 

I was offered a server position. Did anyone work as a server?

Congrats Clayne!  Are you heading up to Mt. Rainier then?  9.19 an hour plus tips, remember that!

I am going to apply there I think.    Every where you go is going to have issues you won't be staying at the four seasons.  But usually rent is  cheap and your backyard is the most amazing playground. 


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