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This will b my first seasonal job.....Crater Lake. Anyone ever worked at Crater Lake. Let's chat

Nervous but excited


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Hi Cathy!

I will also be working at Crater Lake this summer and it is my first seasonal job also. I feel the same way you do. Equal parts nervous and excited. Little more than a month and I will be on the road to Crater Lake!

Mary Beth

Where r u from?  I will be living in an RV?  What will your job be?  I will be a hostess in the main lodge restaurant.  I am also bringing my two mini aussies.  So if you like dogs you can come meet them. 


Good Morning Cathy! I am from Boise, Idaho. I will be living in the Mazama dorm and working at the rim visitor center/retail shop by the lodge. I LOVE dogs! We have a golden retriever and a aussie/border collie mix dog. I look forward to meeting you and your dogs. When do you arrive in the park? It is going to be an exciting adventure this summer!

never have been there but I have a couple of friends who have . they told me they enjoyed it there . have a great season and enjoy the summer there !

Worked Crater Lake my first year (2008)and was lucky to have friends there who had been there before. We had a great time going to the casino, eating out. Took an extra day toward end of season (slow time) and did Columbia River--beautiful. You can be at the Oregon coast in a couple of hours so we did that a few times.
Once the snow melts (June-July) the drive around the lake never gets old.
The manager at the time was great? He would stop by, see how things were going, say if you need me call and then left you to your work.

Thanks for your response.  I will be staying in an RV.  Do you know anything about the employee RV area? 

I am excited and believe it will  be a great adventure.  Where are you going to  be?

Any pointers for me?



There was 3 locations for RV. One with about 10 spots at the office/dorm near the main entrance. The other is located on a gravel road behind Annie Creek where the cabins & campground are located. The other is several miles out in the road going to Klamath Falls. I stayed at the one at Annie Creek as I was asst mgr at campground & cabins. If they are still using it, it is best because it is away from everyone else. They have it marked so the general public does not drive through. There were only about 6-8 spots so very secluded. Be sure to always advise if you need 30 or 50 amp service.
Since this was 2008 I can't be sure what Crater still uses for RVs. One of the great things at Crater is they have an employee lane coming into the gate so you don't have to wait for everyone paying to get in. You slow down, wave at the ranger so they acknowledge you and drive on in. I hate none of the other parks have this. During busy times you are stuck in line and can be late for work if you don't leave early enough.
I am working as guest services manager at Lake McDonald in Glacier till Sept 28th then on to Hillsboro, ND for sugar beet harvest


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