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I just wanted to post the places that I have worked so if anyone ever has any questions about working at any of the places feel free to send me a message and I will be happy to answer any questions that you may have about those places. I will also post the job that I had as well.

2010 Summer - Custer State Park Resort (Housing Manager) - South Dakota  (Housing)

2010/11 Winter - Stratton Mountain Ski Resort (Ski/Snowboard Rentals) - Vermont   (No Housing anymore)

2011 Summer - Pahaska Tepee Resort (Gas Station Supervisor) - Wyoming (Housing)

2011/12 Winter - Deer Valley Ski Resort (Ski Rentals) - Utah (No snowboarding allowed)  (Housing)

2012 Summer - Custer State Park Resort (Retail Shop) - South Dakota (Housing)

2012/13 Winter - Telluride Ski Resort (Lift Operator) - Colorado   (Housing)

2013 Summer - Grand Teton Lodge Company (Deckhand/Elk Wrangler) - Wyoming (Housing)

2013 Summer - Mt Rainier Guest Services (Retail Clerk) - Washington (2 months)   (Housing)

2013/14 Winter - Copper Mountain Ski Resort (Retail/Lift Operator) - Colorado  (Housing)

2014 Summer - Grand Canyon North Rim (Security/Shuttle Driver) - Arizona  (Housing)

2014/15 Winter - Copper Mountain Ski Resort (Lift Operator) - Colorado  (Housing)

2015 Summer - Lutsen Resort (Wood and Garbage) - Minnesota (a month, didn't like the job) (Housing)

2015 Summer - Custer State Park Resort (Reservations Clerk) - South Dakota   (Housing)

2015/16 Winter - Big Sky Resort (Lift Operator) - Montana (Housing)

2016 Summer - Big Sky Resort (Lift Operator) - Montana (Housing)

2016/17 Winter - Yellowstone Club (Lift Operator) - Montana (Housing in Winter)

2017 Summer - Yellowstone Club (Shuttle Driver) - Montana (Housing in Winter)

2017/18 Winter - Yellowstone Club (Shuttle Driver) - Montana (Housing)

2018 Summer - Summer Off 

All the places listed above all had housing that was provided by the resort that I worked at. Yellowstone Club can become tricky in the summer because they do not have that much housing in the summer. Its really hard to say what my favorite places are and I have honestly been pretty happy at all those places above. I don't spend that much money and enjoy saving money because its like a game to me to see how much I can save each season.

So if you are thinking about going to any of those places feel free to drop me a message and I check my account here like once a week or so. I am more than happy to answer any questions that you may have about any of those places above. I have stayed in Big Sky area for the longest and the area is amazing if you can find a way to stay year round. The area is really growing. If its between Big Sky and Yellowstone Club I would pick Yellowstone Club because you will make more money at the YC.

If I had to pick my favorite season I would have to say winter because if you are a ski bum or a ski bum that works being a Lift Operator is the way to go, get paid to ski and enjoy the ski resort atmosphere. 

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This is an awesome list Jason! You need a concert tour type t-shirt with all of these locations and dates on the back. :-) Any big plans for your summer off this year?

Just going to hang out at my parents property and help with whatever projects that they need help with and relax. They live about 2 hours from my home town so I will go to Madison once in awhile and visit friends and hang out as well. Just trying to spend as much time with my parents as possible because someday they won't be around and I don't want to ever regret not spending time with them. Money comes and goes but time with family is truly priceless. They have 60 acres of property so I will get some hiking in every day or every other day. It will be good to just relax and not worry about a job.

Good for you Jason! It will be a summer you will always remember, and it will mean so much to them. 

Impressive list Jason!

What was your experience  as a shuttle driver and working security? Is being a lift operator physically demanding? 

Thanks you,


Shuttle Driving at Grand Canyon North Rim is pretty chill and you pretty much just drive in circles taking employees from employee housing to work areas and then back again over and over again. I listened to music to pass the time. Sometimes I would be asked by the recreation guy to help with trips and that was fun going to National Parks and getting paid to hike and transport people around.

Security at North Rim is okay, it was 3rd shift so I ended up sleeping all morning and then repeating every night that I worked. I asked to be a shuttle driver and I enjoyed that way more.

Shuttle driving at Yellowstone Club is pretty cool and again that is just driving around in circles but its circles on mountain roads in all different conditions. I enjoy that job and currently doing it but looking to change it up this summer. Lots of OT if you want it and the company treats you really well. 

Being a Lift Operator is pretty chill. I mean lots of pushing snow around and learning how a lift works and all that fun stuff. Being at a variety of ski resorts as a Lifty each place is different. Snow work is good for me health wise so I enjoyed it and plus being able to get ski breaks to go ride is always a good thing. Just make sure that you go to a ski resort where you can get a ride break and makes it so worth it. I enjoyed every single ski resort that I have worked at, in lift ops you feel like a small family depending where you work. At Big Sky its like 150+ lift operators and at Yellowstone Club like 75 or something like that.

Thanks Jason-

Appreciate the information and lots to mull over, but all good!



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