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I recently was asking for peoples thought on it recently, and have been here a week and a half. By far this is one of the better places I have worked for. I cook in the kitchen. The chef is great. He is a calm chef who explains rather than yell when you make a mistake. But at the same time the menu is very simple and easy. If you have cooked just a little bit you could handle this menu. The housing is fantastic, by far the best you have a tv with cable. We have a hot tub. A great discount on anything in the snowmobile shop and gas station. They also pay pretty decent. The people here are great and there isnt this drama that other places have. I went snowmobiling yesterday only cost 25 dollars for everything, was a great time. I would highly recomend aramark to anyone considering haveing a great time.


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Yeah,The guides from Togwotee are great people.I worked the lobby at the Geyser Grill at old faithful and they came in everyday with a good attitude and a smile.
Thanks for the info; I've been curious
Im looking to obtain a position there to help finish off the winter and then move down to Jackson in the summer. Are there any positions open for servers, or any type of F&B work at all?. Im willing to take any position to help out really and i am bringing up a buddy with me. Planned on applying there but if you could give me some inside info before i fill out an application that would be helpful. i see that you got there not too long ago so that is reassuring that they might neeed help still. I can cook also. hope to hear back from you soon!@

I worked at Togwotee during the last winter as a server. Managers are great there. I also liked my co-workers, too.  The lodge is located in the beautiful setting, not so far from Jackson. One of the best experiences I ever had.

However, not all ARAMARK locations are great... I worked at Glacier Bay Lodge(ARAMARK) during the past summer.  F&B manager and assistant manager were the worst ever.  They didn't respect us at all. The manager was alcholic and the young assistant treated us as "a number".

This is why coolworks is cool.There are jerks of one sort or another anywhere you work & its good to have people tell their experiances to the rest of us.Also,if the powers that be in ARAMARK,XANTERRA or anywhere else had brains thay would use this site as a "snoopying grounds" to check on their management people.ONe thing good about getting to be a senior is that we don't have to put up with crap from bad managers or other employees who cause us grief. Unlike the young we do have a bit of a "fall back" in our little social security checks. I have seen people so scared of getting fired by some managers that it actually made them sick.I have also seen managers that were so desperate to keep their employee count up that they let jerk employees get away with murder.It works both ways friends,you just gotta do the best you can do.
Delaware North does use this site
hmm that's good to know. Also makes me wonder.... hmm...
There isnt any positions in kitchen I took the finale cook one. There is a couple front desk positions open I know that. ServersI believe are full but you might wanna try those and see what happens. But I agree two different locations are not the same. I have heard horror stories of like employee housing at other lodges. Just feel free to ask here.
Well it must be the slow time obviously over there in the tetons. The only experience I had with that property was with on HR lady and she had some serious issues with communication. I was looking for a part time job since it was so close to my full time gig. I'm glad it worked out for you and might see around the park for the next season.

Is anyone on here currently working in the kitchen at Togwotee? (July 2014). I am currently dishwashing at Lake Powell in southern Utah and when our season ends I am seriously considering transferring there. I've contacted the HR manager - the same person that oversees things here - and she's said it is a possibility, but it is too early to apply or get things rolling at this time. I'm just wondering from employee perspectives if you think it'd be relatively easy to get a job there (I already work for the company) and if the kitchen there is a cool place to work. Any details, suggestions, or problems would be great info. Thanks everyone.


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