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Native Floridian headed to Denali. Need help lots and lots of help

Hey everyone,
I'm Erik, I'm native to Florida and planning to work the summer months in Denali.
I'll be working as a bartender or server. I'm really lost as to what kind of clothes (jackets, pants, gloves, etc.) I should be buying. obviously here in florida i have a couple hoodies and nothing heavier than jeans so dont be afraid to be specific and really explain things because i really am completely lost lol. Also I usually wear a large jacket pretty comfortably do i need an xl for wearing sweaters underneath?

Thanks in advance everyone.

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Weather in Denali/Healy in the summers average mid-60s and 70s are not that unusual.  I know that seems a lot colder than Florida, but it's not freezing.  Raingear of some kind is a good idea.

what location in denali  your going to be working at 

Bring basic clothes and buy winter gear in Anchorage where you will land. There are many big stores and thrift shops. And that is a good time of the year to buy at very reasonable prices...

The weather can be unpredicable. Rain gear should be at the top of the list. Always plan on dressing in layers. There seems to be more wind at Denali than in other areas. In my case, I wore a rain jacket with a zip up sweater underneath. The leaves started turning color the second week of August. The mountains had termination dust the third week. Good luck.......... 

Thanks everyone! I wish there were an REI anywhere near me but theres not..... closest i have is a Bass pro shop an hour away from me (orlando) I live in cocoa beach. as far as exact location i havent been hired yet but i qualify perfectly for alot of jobs there so im pretty hopeful. Layers seems like a great idea and rain gear is also something ive been looking at. its really hard finding these items here so im going to go to a north face outlet in orlando soon and try to order the rest online. any suggestions for comfortable rain gear that doesnt make me look like a tourist?

Erik: buy down vest and sweater and a good rain jacket. I did work in Denali about two times and one time in Skagway, Alaska. I came from Florida and drove up in auto round trip to Denali summer work. Chalet resort.

thanks for sharing your experience. whats one item you brought and wish you had left or not purchased and one item you wish you had brought or done differently?

Erik, I'm from Texas and didn't have anything special.  Layers are good and think waterproof when possible.  You can't let the weather keep you indoors so just be prepared.  Sweatshirts get soggy, but layers underneath a waterproof jacket are good.  Think long-sleeved t-shirts underneath short-sleeved so you can shed layers at any time.  Maybe a thermal underneath a short-sleeve (or over).   Backpacks are carried a lot so you can take off or put on appropriately.  Also several pairs of shoes so you don't have to wear wet ones.  You will get used to the cooler weather, and also when you are outside you will be walking or hiking or running or something so you don't really get cold.  You'll get acclimated quickly.


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