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I am looking for a good digital camera to photograph wildlife and scenery. I really would like one with a good optical zoom. Just looking for some input one what cameras you have found to be good. What brands are better? What features should I look for? Or if you know one that sucked thats good info too. Any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated.

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you might start with Mikes blog at and look in the Photo Phanatics group for some hints
It really depends on your price point. DSLRs are going to give you the best image quality, but many point and shoots do quite well. Like I've said on other forum topics about cameras, I'm a Canon girl, but Nikon and Leica (i.e. Lumix) are also good. I recommend Costco stores or online for buying the camera. They stand behind their products and the price is good.

A good site for camera reviews is Digital Photography Review.
I'm in the same boat as you. I'm leaving in about two months and my goal is to take no less than four-million pictures over the summer. Most likely I will be going with the Canon XSi and a telephoto lens, or either the 40D with kit lens. It all depends on how much you want to spend. DSLR cameras usually hold their value well, so upgrading later once you learn more tricks shouldn't be too difficult.
Wow 4 million pics??? You will have to take a picture every other second to achieve that in 3 months.
I highly reccomend Canon. I just ordered the Powershot SX10 IS, which has a 20x (equivalent to 560 mm) optical lens, plus a (28mm) wide-angle, all in one lens. The glass they use in their lenses is wonderful. I've gotten far better pictures with my Canon than I have with anything else. Exposure-compensation is great too, so you can adjust for lighting quickly. There are a range of prices in the Powershot line, I would do a google search on digital cameras or if you really want to research Canon, then google "Canon digital cameras" and look through the results... For wildlife, the longer the zoom, the better. Working in and around national parks there are rigidly-enforced rules about how close you're allowed to get to wildlife (for your safety and theirs). A good optical zoom means you can get the pictures you want without getting a ticket from a ranger ;)
Some folks like all-auto...some like some manual controls, where you choose the aperture and shutter settings. Price range helps determine what features you can get....
As for other features, I think type of battery or batteries used might matter... I like my Canon; it uses AA. I don't have to shell out $$ for a unique battery and if I run out of fresh batteries, everywhere you go carries AA's...
Hope this helps.
DSLRs will give you a great shot but I can't afford one so I use my 7megapixel point and shoot and my pictures have came out looking pretty good. (check em out) Ive also just used my camera from my phone a lot and I have found that the scenery does a lot of the work on looking good for you. So you don't need to spend a lot of money to get some great pictures.
Thanks for the tips after doing some research on cameras in my price range I am leaning towards getting a Canon Powershot sx110 is
Yeah you're looking for a good camera, not a brand. What I recommend is a Olympus Evolt 420. My father just bought one, and it works amazing. Features are good along with it's clarity!


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