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Need a lift to SE Alaska early April? Catch a ride with us in our artful camper, Beacon!

The right candidates will be able to meet us in Glacier National Park in Northern Montana around April 8th, 9th or 10th-ish. We have to be in Skagway on the 14th and don't want to rush too much as we will be journeying through some beautiful territories.

You'll be able to either donate a lil' bit of gas money or some other sort of trade --- we believe in the balance of a good exchange and that doesn't always mean cash, but it definitely helps! We are headed to Juneau, but will be driving to Skagway to catch the ferry so if your summer work is anywhere near this region, we might be the perfect mechanism for your travels!

Our camper, named Beacon for the beacon of light he is, is a bus of love and magic and filled to the brim with character, stories and attention grabbing art, on the inside and out! We have a small working fridge, a 4-burner stove-top, a double sink and a toilet, too! We DON'T have too much room for storage, so hopefully you are travelling light. We have heat, a below average stereo system and love to take frequent stops for photo ops and spontaneous adventures. Our Beacon sleeps about 4, sometimes 5 if we squeeze, and so far there are only 2 of us traveling - me and my partner, Kevin.

I'm Lexie, and I'm 25 with a lust for life and a tender spot for all things magical, moving and maddening --- I am a writer, a poet, a dancer and a lifelong wanderer - I love being in nature, creating special art with what the earth provides, and practicing yoga wherever I can. Kevin is 24 and is an outdoor enthusiast, also a lifelong wanderer, a videographer, an avid hiker, hockey player and more. Together we are on our way to working with Alaska Travel Adventures as sea kayak guides! 

Here's a video Kevin made of his beginning jourenys in Beacon:

Feel free to email me at if you are interested in journeying with us! And DO let me know if I am posting in the wrong forum - or if you know of a better place to spread this message.

Much love and many blessings to you all, 

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What an amazing adventure, and awesome camper! Sounds like you two have been on many adventures already, and have many more ahead of you. I'm a little jealous of the Alaska road trip - that sounds like a blast. Hope you get some takers to tag along, and have a fantastic summer!


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