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I would really love to find someone to talk to about applications/resumes, how best to do them.

I am wondering if anyone would hire me because I have done so few, long-term jobs.  I worked for temp agencies from about age 40, 64 now.  Drew my SS at 62 because I was out of work, again.  I honestly liked the temp work, but after awhile I realized it was beginning to look bad on a resume because I was not getting a permanent job with these agencies like Express, Kelly Services, etc.

Every time I took a temp job they told me it was a temp to hire, but I kept seeing employees within take the positions.  I may be wrong, but many of those jobs seemed meant for temp only to catch them up on one thing or another, then lay me off.  One of my faves was actually for a gal on medical leave-of-absence so I knew she would be coming back.

So now, here I sit, a very, hard and dedicated worker with an unattractive application.  The last job I was hired into the company, and worked in a warehouse.  I loved it!  Here I was 50 some years old, keeping up with the youngsters in a fast-paced packing plant.  I payed dearly because I started having shock sensations in my arms, and my hands.  It scared me I admit, and I quit before I felt I would end up with permanent damage.  So another black mark.

I can do jobs though now I couldn't do for a couple of years.  I worked out with physical therapists, then developed my own at a gym.  I walk and have good strength in legs and arms/hands again.  But I do want something behind the scenes.  I have knowledge of accounting, and other office work, but do not want anything like that.  I would like to work in laundry like I did at the Eaton Ranch.  I also love doing gardening or lawn-care.

There are probably many small jobs that need someone to do them.  I just would like some feedback if anyone can relate, but has succeeded.  It would only take one season for me to prove myself, and I know I would be hired again for the next seasonal.  I want to keep my place here in Crescent City CA, just an apt. so I do want to do a season, then come home for a bit and so on.

Thank you in advance for any advice for me:) Denise

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Speaking with a company representative and letting them know you want this job can be a game changer. Quite a few folk never even answer to their interview offers so going a step beyond the initial procedure shows drive. Drive means the pursuit and completion of the entire contractual period which is easier said than done.

Since seasonal jobs are short-term, the lack of long-term jobs on your resume shouldn't be a problem at all. I've never stayed at a job consecutively for longer than nine months, and that never seems to bother seasonal employers. It's only a problem if I apply for regular jobs. I bet you'll be able to find a good summer job!


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