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I recieved a job offer to be a waiter at the Old Faithful location in Yellowstone. I'm looking to find out how much money there is to be made, what the hours are like and any else about what life is like out there. Does anyone have info?

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When I worked there 2 years ago the servers got 3 evening shifts and 4-5 day shifts per week, making for several split shifts. You will go through a week of classroom training. I averaged 1000 - 1100 on the paycheck (every 2 weeks) because all of the credit tips are put on the paycheck. Cash tips varied greatly, but were in general not much. This is not much compared with just about any place I tend to work at (about 1/2), but on the other hand you will hang with some very cool people. It is definitely not the place to be if you are trying to make good $$$$... It is more for experience than money. Again though, you will meet some awesome people. Snow Lodge is actually better for tips if you can get on there....

I really appreciate you responding. 1000-1100 is actually about what I was looking for, although the room and board costs seem a bit high. A couple more questions if you have the time; You mentioned 7-8 shifts a week what are the total hours a week like? and also are the day shifts 5 am breakfasts or lunches? Finally what is the social life like (how many people are there roughly, are there a lot of young people etc)? Thanks again, this has been extremely helpful.


I have not worked there, im in canyon for the 3rd year with dnc... old f has the most people, age will vary.

it is always very very crowded there the inn is ok not the best but not the worst  like the cafeterias  yuk

hours will always vary sometimes busy sometimes slow.. tips with xanterra is shared...

the dorms can b very crazy .. they have young dorms and then the old dorms.. but the experience is priceless///  have fun

There are break-lunch shifts, Lunch-dinner shifts, and break-dinner shifts. you will get 3 nights (sometimes 4) and the rest will be a mixture according to the manager. Get in good with the hostess so you can get the front section...They usually fill the front and work their way back. Accept being the checker because you will get more tables as they cut servers.

The social life is the best!...young and middle and old all with similar attitude. Chinese, Russian. Argentianian, short, blond, .... there are more cool poeple there than you can imagine (BTW Denali in Alaska is the same way). All on an adventure.....

Imagine visiting foreign countries all over and having a friend to crash out with and show you the good spots. It is great fun..... Don't expect anything less then serious corporate though. It is a big business so you will meet buttheads also. Ignore that and then meet poeple and play! Also save your $$$ forthe time you are not working....

hey, i worked the dining room at OFI in summer 08. I made about the same per pay check, around 1000. They used to schedule pretty good, they would work you for five straight days and you would get two off in a row, but on your friday you usually only had to work breakfast shift and then come back for a dinner shift on your monday, so it is kinda like having 4 days off, which is quite needed cause that dining room is pretty huge. there is an employee pub next to the dorms which serves pizza and beer and whatnot, which is a great break from the gross EDR food. just relish your time off and enjoy the area and the people as much as possible, i will never forget the drunken late night geyser walks.,.. i think there are around 500- maybe 1000 employees at the old faithful location and there are usually about 20 some odd servers working the floor.... have fun any more questions hit me up!


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