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Hi, I am new to this whole thing and was hoping I could get some advice and counsel. I have applied to many different locations and was wondering from other's experiences, how long it takes to be contacted. Do you think I will be fortunate enough to get something this first summer season. I am very eager and have a lot of skills, but my previous work experience has all been in accounting and management. Anyone have anything they can share?

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Keep checking the forum and reading the blog posts. Lots of good advice on here from those who have been there. I hope you can make the chat tonight. : )

those are good skills to have carl, where were some of the places you've applied. i know that you will probably be hearing things in the next few weeks.
Thanks, I hope so too! I have applied at Xanterra, Dornans, Aramark, Flagg Ranch, DNC, Eagle Stores and the list goes on. By the way, I applied at Stehekin and received a wonderful response from Nancy Davis. I would have loved to pursue that, but my wife was very concerned about being so remote. I think maybe after we have had an assignment under our belt, she may reconsider. I thought it would have been wonderful. Who knows, we might even have met!
yeah, i love stehekin, but it is very remote but everyone up there is real nice and it gets to seem like family. its really not any worse i think than alaska, i think it is the whole you have to take a boat or plane thing though. yeah nancy is really nice and a good gm, i really respect her a lot. she is the type of person who will pitch in and help out, she is not afaid to get her hands dirty and i think she is capable of doing any job up there. good luck with your job search
Try not to build the res to highly. Management doesn't like someone that can take over. Just make it seem like your confident in the position your filling. Then through the season do the best you can. keep applying and follow-up on your apps "GL"
Many!!! So far Xanterra, Aramark, Dornans, Flagg Ranch, DNC Parks, West Glacier, Custer Village...
and a few more. I am too anxious I guess.
Hi there Ed ... you kinda remind me of me last year! I can assure you that you have taken the correct first step ... sending in lots of applications to places you think you would like to work (and play). Expect 4-6 weeks before any sort of responses....maybe longer. Also, don't necessarily jump on the first offer you get unless it is to the very place you wanted the most. All the minimum wage jobs themselves are fairly mundane, so you are really picking a place more than a job. Wait as long as you can before committing yourself ... as the place you REALLY wanted to go may be that next phone interview. I got 4 job offers after sending in around 10 applications....not guaranteeing your experience will be the same. TIP: A follow-up phone call to a hiring manager will help get your application noticed... if you can find the number and person to call. I would definitely try to call someone for your most preferred locations.
Thanks so much for the response - I appreciate your comments, I needed to hear from someone who has been through this. I am so eager, I can hardly wait until i hear from someone, so you have given me a lot of food for thought. I must say though, that I look forward to visiting any of the places I applied to - and I am not afraid of the work. Thanks again, and if you don't mind I will keep in touch as things progress.

PS Some of my considerations will be as to whether they have an RV spot or if there is one close by I could commute from.
yeah ed i hear you about being anxious. last year i applied late to stehekin and didn't think i had a chance, but i held out hope. about the middle of june nancy put another ad on coolworks and about 5 minutes later i e-mailed her and told her i was still available. that 3 to 4 days that we were in touch and going through ref check and everything just seemed to take forever. just be patient, you will start hearing things soon. like aggie71 says, kind of hold out a little bit and you may get exactly what you want. so your wife is looking for work also? that's good as it seems that a lot of apps i have filled out seems to ask some kind of question if i am applying with someone. well good luck in your search and keep us informed. i talk to you later, jon
Ed...when those offers start pourin' in let the tribe (i.e. us) know and we'll give you our opinions as to what you should do! This way we can totally confuse you :-)
You are correct about listening to your wife about remote. It is easy to get in a remote location thinking it will be fun and then find our cell phones don't work, computer access is limited, TV is not as available as it was at home, and doctors are hours away.
But the experience is great and if you are up for adventure as well as meeting new and fascinating people, go for it!
The pay was so low it was very frustrating for me because I wanted to have a little extra left over after working so hard on split shifts that limited your time for hiking. A better paying and adventurous job was offered to me after I already took a position for less than Min. wage in my state .. so hold out for what you want. At the time I accepted, I didn't think wage mattered, and for some it doesn't.. But, for me, I like to see a better bottom line for the work I do. (even if it is in America's playground) I felt that some places really take adventage of the older and bolder crowd!

Another tip. If you agree to work for a longer period of time, your will be one of the apps that goes to the top of the stack!
Have fun!
Welcome - I wish I were going again, but alas- I must stay where I am for a while. Your experience in accounting will be much appreciated and welcomed at all of the places. Most of the parks do have RV spots but they have to be applied for early - so choose where you want to go and jump and don't forget to have some fun too. Be sure to ask about places here too if you get an offer. The folks here are wise beyond years and will tell you the truth about any place you apply for. Good luck and don't forget your fishing gear, kayaks, wind boards and long johns. Oh and one other thing, don't forget to look at Corp of Engineers for seasonal jobs as camp host.


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