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Hi, I am new to this whole thing and was hoping I could get some advice and counsel. I have applied to many different locations and was wondering from other's experiences, how long it takes to be contacted. Do you think I will be fortunate enough to get something this first summer season. I am very eager and have a lot of skills, but my previous work experience has all been in accounting and management. Anyone have anything they can share?

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Thanks so much for your comments Ann. I would just love to work at GTLC! Any hints about enhancing my possibilities? If something comes up, I most certainly will come here for advice. Nothing better than experience talking! Also thanks for the tip on Corp of Eng. will do.
There are several accounting positions available at GTLC. The people you will be working with are great folks and down to earth too. Hotel accounting is a bit different from run of the mill ledger stuff, but you will get the hang of the program quickly. Request Dorm 11 if hired... a little bit quieter than the other dorms. Fishing is great too - so don't forget your fishing gear. Whatever you do, have fun!
Hi Ann, when working in reversations at rv park, is it normal to work so many hours to pay for your spot and then get a check over that? just wondering, Thank You.
Yep it is, normally volunteer status is about four hours a day. If you volunteer at a federal site, it is about $17 per day for pay. But the areas are usually great - try Elk National Wildlife Refuge in Jackson, WY.. great people to work with and the scenery can't be beat.
There are a couple restaurants and hotels in Martha's Vineyard looking for managers.
Hello Ed:

I took an early retirement in March 2004 and worked my first summer at Crater Lake National Park with Xanterra, running a tourboat (I have a Coast Guard License). I did the same from 2004-2008 and last summer I worked for the Park Service as a Ranger at Glacier National Park in Montana. I plan to return to Crater Lake for 2010.

Here is my advice on seasonal park work. At the beginning of the season there is some chaos until things settle down - some people quit or get fired, people get shuffled around jobs and/or rooms and then a routine settles in. Housing and food seem to be big issues for everyone; very much like being in the service or prison, I suspect. I was in the Navy and CoastGuard aboard ships in very close quarters so I adapted better than some to the dorm life. This year I broke down and finally bought a small self contained trailer to live in. FYI - at Crater Lake there are two dorms, a campground outside the park, and RV hookups in the park for Xanterra employees.

It's great to live and work in a National Park, but you'll have to adjust to some previous privations mentioned below -possible lack of cell coverage, easy internet, grocery stores, social outlets etc.
At Glacier I was able to rent a data sevice USB internet card from Blue Mountain Internet in Walla Walla, Wash which uses Verison (T-mobile had no service there). I was also able to get a telephone landline which helped a lot. I went most of the summer watching little TV. I really had to adjust to the rapid fire pace of TV once I returned home.

Working in the seasonal world attracts a lot of different people for different reasons - international students from various countries, both young and old adventurers, and the "walking wounded", who really don't seem know what they want. There are always internal work conflicts as there are in any work place, but sometimes issues get overblown, I think because of the isolation. Time off to enjoy the Park can also be an issue, as the season moves on and the workforce dwindles.

My final advice is to do it and accept a job, but don't arrive thinking it's going to be pardise. There will be plenty of frustrations and adjustments to make, but plenty of rewards too; it is an adventure and when it's all over you'll have plenty of stories to tell. For instance living in the dorm at Crater Lake next to people working all shifts and sometimes having parties nearby can be annoying at the time, but sometimes it's great fun too. Again, makes great story telling to your jealous friends back home. Be sure to at least have your own transportation, if not your own housing (RV).

Good Luck,

Joe Herzig
Joe, thanks a lot for your insightful post! I like you am quite adaptable and used to dealing with a mutitude of different kinds of people. I really appreciate your info regarding internet, because that I will really miss - if no TV, so be it, I can handle that.

I do have my own RV and am hoping that whatever offer comes my way there will be a place to put it, whether provided or just nearby.

Haven't heard from anyone as yet - so I am still hoping I get some interest from someone.

Thanks again for your post...

apply to yellowstone would be your best bet if u can do housekeeping u have an good chance
CALL THEM make sure that u call them (not on mondays) but later in the week and let them know u r interested. was that with xanterra? try delaware north also.
Hey, what's up Ed?
Well don't worry. I totally understand where your coming from. Some easy ground to conquer to build that seasonal resume would be Yellowstone. Although DNC jobs are fulfilled this year, apply around fall to score. I am 500% sure they'll call you. When it comes to resorts etc, they get a little more picky. Hey, you have any more questions feel free to hit me up with a message.

(I'm a returning DNC employee, applied 1am, then they called me 10am the same day.)

Pete, Thanks for the post... It turns out I have a job with YPSS this summer! I am really looking forward to it. I don't know at which location yet, but it really doesn't matter to me anyway. Where will you be? Ed
I just read your blog that ended March 24. What happened did you get a job and if so what is it. My wife and I plan to work next summer (2012) in YNP for Xanterra. We re going out next week to do recon especially to see how hte internet service is at Canyon, Mammouth and Old Faithful.


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