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Hey, i'm a student from the UK, and i've just come across this site, which is pretty amazing i have to say. I'm looking to go over to the states to work for the summer, and i'm looking for a place where i can work and play, somewhere i can earn some money to enable me to see some of America at the same time. I like the idea of being able to travel to surrounding cities/parks on days off for example, and for me it's quite important to be able to socialise with others, to make friends whilst working, in a fun social environment. Oh, and some sun would be nice too! (lol coming from england we don't a hell of a lot)
If anyone could help me out, it would be much appreciated. Thanks a lot, and hello!

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Apply at Yellowstone National park !!
Ah yes, i've sort of been reading about Yellowstone on here, seems like a popular place! Where would u say is the best place to be hired/live in the park? I guess that depends right? lol. Thanks for the replies guys!
serve in yellowstone or be a bartender..... you'll make money and be in a kick ass place
great! thanks for the advice!
apply to all places you will get hired i know good luck
Do you already have your J1 visa?
well, im sort of looking to do that right now, but i'm trying to find the cheapest way, it seems like with most companies you are paying for more then the visa, for example BUNAC, where you pay for job listings etc, but i don't need that..any heads up on the cheapest route?
Have you looked at this organization?
I've been on that website, and i emailed to find out information but no reply yet. I couldn't find out how much it was price wise...hopefully i'll hear back soon. Thanks:)
I'm not sure since I have never applied for one, but I think the least expensive way to just get the visa is directly through the American Embassy.

I've included the link to the embassy in London, I think there is another one in the UK...Cardiff maybe? I'm getting a little bit better at my UK geography, but not that good to know which one is easier. You have some things going for you...females from the UK...probably are quicker to go through the system...profiling sometimes has it's benefits.

In any case, you don't have a LOT of time to get one in time to get a summer job...most are starting within the next 4-6 weeks if not sooner. Good luck and keep us informed.
Thanks for the link, I'll check it out for sure. Yeh, im expecting it to take around that much time, my term/semester doesn't finish until then anyway so i can't really get going until then. I'll still have three months to work though so hopefully theres something out there for that amount of time! Thanks again for everyone's help, ill keep u informed!


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