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Hi gang!!
I just joined your forum hopefully to learn more about seasonal jobs.

I'm a graphic designer in a dying industry (newspaper). I'm not sure how much longer I will be employed.
I'm really looking for a career change and a new adventure.
I'm also looking for a seasonal job that could possibly lead to a full time position.
Happiness is more important than the money.
I really have my sight set on the Seward, Alaska area.

I welcome your comments and advice.

Many thanks!
Mark Williams
St. Ann, Mo

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Try that.
Hi Mark, Welcome to myCoolWorks. First I have a couple of questions. What type of work are you looking to try first? Most, not all, of the seasonal jobs are in the resort/lodge/food service areas.

Second, there are a few places that have year round availability. They're usually in some of the national parks in the lower 48. Or some key management positions in many other places. Some ski resorts also have a somewhat smaller summer season with mountain biking and some have golf courses, boating, etc. Is this what you meant by full-time position? Otherwise 'seasonal' means you're there for the busy season...sometimes Spring to Fall, other places Fall to Spring.

Third, figure out financial and housing considerations. There is a wide difference from barely breaking even to banking a considerable amount of cash.

Fourth, this life is best suited for singles or couples that want to do the same thing at the same places. It's very difficult to do with children or pets.

Fifth, Seward is a great place. But I'm not sure how many 'seasonals' are there in the winter. There is definitely real world restaurant/resort opportunities there though. It's also possible to do 'seasonals' year-round in the broader Alaska sense. I'll also put this in this year...some Alaskan areas had a big drop-off in tourism-related areas this season. Next summer there is predicted to be even a steeper drop. How stuck on year-round Seward are you?
Hi Keith and thanks for your reply!

I guess I've always had the desire to relocate to Alaska. I recently designed a travel page for a story about Kenai Fjords N.P. . Our travel editor recently visited the park. From the photos he took and how he described the area appealed to me.

I don't have the desire to become a nomad. Instead I would hope I could locate employment through Cool Works that could lead to a full-time position.

I'm very sociable. I would enjoy outdoor work the most possible as a tour guide or camp host.

For 23 years I've been employed as a professional graphic designer. These skills that may appeal to a future employer..

I'm divorced, my daughter just left for college and I have two small dogs.

Please advise.

I did just a quick look. I'm not sure of what they're turnover rate for this type of job might be. I know nothing right now is listed in their help wanted area of their website. But it doesn't sound like you're searching for an immediate position...just looking for something in the near future. It's the (link:)Media Area of the Alyeska Resort.

The resort is open all year. It is about 90 miles from Seward though. In Alaska terms that's next door.

Maybe shoot them an email and ask them about possibilities in the future if it looks interesting. Along with just a little about yourself at first.

Good luck!
Keith, great help and advice! I am just beginning to look into seasonal work at national parks. Nothing is set in stone, just researching all options at this point.

Could you go into any more detail, or lead me to where I can do more research on the financial aspect you bring up in your third point? I'm in a position where I do need to at least try to "come out ahead". Is that a possibility?

There is a boatyard in Seward that hires several times a year for permanent positions. There is also a college. Check the newspaper and craigslist for job opportunities. Check out this website; It is the state job network and it is a very good one (
Through, CIRI tourism, I believe Princess, and other companies hire seasonaly there. So do many mom-and-pop places.
It is a good idea to accept a seasonal position and then check out the employment scene while there. If there is not enough work, Anchorage is a good spot to find work from Aug-Oct. Sept-Dec is the banquet season and many work two banquet server jobs and then chill until April...
Marie... the best-paying seasonal jobs are server or bartender because of the tips. During our banquet season season, many servers work a lot and bank their $$$ for the "rainy days" of Jan-April. Then the seasonal hiring starts....
If you accept something other than server/bartender then you would do well to be creative with your $$$... In Anchorage, during the winter, there are 3 hostels that have a winter community where rent and all house expenses except food costs between 280-325 a month.
Hope this helps :0)......
Thanks so much !
As long as you have no problems with working outside or with animals, there are a lot of jobs that could be something for you. Or do you want to work in the media again? Maybe you can give us a hint what your job preferences are. Then someone can come up with concrete advice.

I'm actually in Seward right now. It is THE best of Alaska in my book... so this summer I am living here. I've been steadily checking out the job scene while I've been here, as well as networking with employees from all the different seasonal companies, so let me know what it is you are interested in doing, and maybe I can help you investigate the possibilities around that. I've met people who work the charters as deckhands, the canaries, cruise tour crew, lodge and restaurant folk, kayak and wilderness guides, national park rangers.. lots of choices here in Seward. We'll find you something if you are interested.

So shoot me with more info as to what you want to do for a job, and we'll talk further.



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