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Hi everyone. Starting my first seasonal job at old faithful this summer. Just  looking for any advice. Do's and don'ts,pros and cons. I'm older, in my 50's,and still trying to figure out if i'm making the right decision.

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My only advice is to not let the youngsters get to you. I have seen so many older folks get so worked up over the attitudes and drama that comes from the younger folks. Second piece of advice is to get away from the area on your days off and go exploring. That area is such a wonderful place.

Hey Jason thanks. I pretty much figured that with the younger crowd. I was the same way at that age. Really looking forward to exploring the park!

Welcome to the ranks! I've never worked at old faithful. What position will you be working in? and what are you looking for in your choice to do seasonal work?

You will have a great time spending the summer in Yellowstone.....lots of daylight time which allows time before or after work to explore the endless outdoor opportunities.  Last year was my first seasonal job, first time being away from all that I knew,.....I am also in my 50's, it was an incredible season full of bucket list adventures too many to list.  So this year I will also be working in Yellowstone/Grand Teton area for summer of 2016 and cant wait for 2016 adventures!

Hey Gail. Yes I'm really looking forward to it. Coming off the east coast, I can't wait to explore such an open

area. Nervous as hell but feel i'm doing the right thing. Was it an easy transition for you? Hope to here more.



It was a no brainer for me, I have visited national parks for the past 20 years on vacations but there is never time to truly see the area on a one week vacation, if you love the outdoors you will love it and also make new friends if you are working for a large company....just keep an open mind and realize you are working so you can have an amazing beyond bucket list summer that most people will never make the same leap!

Chances are - you're making a life changing decision! Kudos to you.  Depending on where you're coming from, chances are Old Faithful and Yellowstone and MT/WY will be much different from where you've been. Old Faithful is the hustle and bustle of Yellowstone during the height of the summer season. During the not so busy times - imagine this - you're sitting at Old Faithful Geyser for an eruption - and you're the only one to witness this particular scene at this moment. You can make it happen. And it's magical. If you have a vehicle - be sure to reach other places in Wonderland (Yellowstone) - each location (Lake, Roosevelt, Canyon, Mammoth, Grant) has its own flavor and vibe - in nature, in personality, in look, in energy, in adventures. Congrats on taking the first few steps! 

Hey Patti. Thanks for your support. I chose old faithful partly because of the hustle and bustle. Coming from D C Im not ready to go cold turkey. If youre out there, would love to catch up and learn more.Thanks again!


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