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"I am new to the seasonal jobs. My kids are out of the house and I want to experience this great country. How do I get my foot in the door?"  I've been a barber for nearly 30 years, worked with exchange students and done office work.  I don't have experience in housekeeping food service but willing to be trained.  I did get a call back from a fishing cannery in Alaska but I got a bit afraid of the 16+hours 7 days a least for my first seasonal position.

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I would be too - that is a very hard life, but if you can stay with it - money in the pocket when you get home.  Office work is probably your best bet... Just start looking and find something you are interested in and apply.  I recommend Grand Tetons Lodge Company and maybe even looking at reservations? As to being a barber, that will pay you extra because everyone hates going to town to get their hair cut.   Whatever you choose to do, have fun! life is to be experienced for sure.

Thank you Ann,  You know I didn't think about it but I'm sure the staff could use barber service. Thanks for the idea.


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