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Hello all,

     I just discovered this site and lifestyle. I feel that I am a gypsy at heart and have been searching for a way out of my hometown. I am recently divorced and have no kids. I want to take the next few years to do some crazy things (like move from state to state). I am a licensed esthetician who has been in the skin care, makeup, and retail industry for over 3 years. I have a passion for skin care and makeup application.

     Since I have that out of the way I want to know is there anyone else who actually does what I want to do (travel and work as an esthe)? Since I have never done this I need help. Where is a good place to start? Where can I work for this season and after it's over decide if it's something I want to pursue? Is it too late to start applying? Did I discover this too late? Any tips or suggestions?

Many Thanks,


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Greetings Kayla,

Welcome to Cool Works! Thanks for sharing your background and information about what you are looking to do. You aren't too late to find a great seasonal job. Now is a great time to apply. Concescionaires in National Parks, Resorts, Ranches and even cruises are hiring now. It depends on what kind of work you are looking for and willing to do that will dettermine where you should apply. I will be working at Yellowstone National Park, but have still received other offers. Get some applications in and follow up with the Human Resources Departments.

There are a ton of people here that have a ton of knowledge and experience with seasonal work. I would reccomend you talking to Kari (Q) Quaas, and Aggie because they have always offered me great advice. There are also great chats that cover a variety of issues related to seasonal work every Monday night from 9 PM  to 10 PM EST ok? Please feel free to ask me any questions you have as well ok? Good luck with your job search!



Thanks for your response! Very helpful and insightful. I would prefer a job doing esthetics for sure. I'm thinking the midwest area but I'm not going to be picky. Well, I guess I will just send in my resume/application and see what happens!

All I can tell you is give it a shot. I've been roaming around for 10 years now and have met a lot of great people. Had great experiences and wouldn't change a thing. It's not for everyone though....

Well, after a lengthy discussion with my mother (who's opinion I highly value) last night, I received her blessings. I am overjoyed about having the love and support of someone who means so much. I am about to start applying and am nervous. Anyone have suggestions on locations that would be a good first start or suggestions on where to avoid?


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