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I'm thinking about working an entry level position at Yellowstone this summer, and I just got a call back today about working there. There are some pretty awful reviews out there, and I'm wondering if it's as bad as everyone is saying? I go camping a lot so I don't have trouble with living simply and I'm a polite person, but I'm also very new to the job scene so I'm just not sure what to expect.

If anyone has any advice for me, I'd gladly accept any and all :)

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I'm guessing you came across one of the "Xanterrible" boards.  I stopped listening to them years ago.  I have met many that supposedly like their new opportunity so much more than their Xanterra experience.  Then they get contacted by the company with an offer and they immediately quit the job they are at and get there as fast as possible.  (I have worked seasonally for 10 years continuously going place to place, but have not worked for Xanterra)

There are some other criticisms about the jobs in general.  They include one or more of: wanting less work; more money; bigger housing with no roommates; food of their choice when they want it.

The biggest factor on how your season will turn out is not much different than any job.  It's how the personalities of the people you work with most often mesh, or conflict.  And no one can tell you how that's going to be...anywhere.

Hello Allison and Welcome to MyCoolworks.  

I first worked for Xanterra in Yellowstone a little more then 10 years ago and I loved it.  If you are a respectful polite person that gets along with people and nature you will love your job at Yellowstone.  The best part about your summer there is that many people spend $1,000's just to enjoy days in the park.  So why not get paid to live in one the most amazing locations in the U.S. and most unique places in the world!  

You are not going to get to retire off of working a couple summers in the parks but you will have a priceless experience.  The friends you will meet, the stories you will share and the memories will last for a lifetime.  Many employers are impressed with someone that is willing to take a big leap and take on such an adventurous job. My resume with many National Parks, Resorts and other seasonal jobs has awarded me many great opportunities! 

If you have any specific questions search many of the posts here because the have likely been answered.   Good luck on your journey and safe travels. 



Thank you both for your information and advice! I've decided to accept my offer :)

Good for you Allison.

Pretty new here too.

I just applied for a job (too late probably) that starts in August 2016 in Montana.

I am going to find out if that position is already filled or not... so I will see what happens...


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