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Does anyone have any tips on how to get a job in the "real" world after working in the parks for three years? I am getting a lot of potential employers who aren't hip on hiring me because I've moved a lot in the last three years. Even though I was employed with Xanterra collectively for three years. I moved home temporarily twice to try and take care of family business during that time. As is always the case with Xanterra, I was cross trained in as many as 10 other jobs. I'm trying not to give up here and am doing pretty well at it. I know the economy is still bad and patience is a plus but I also have to keep in mind I still have bills to pay.

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Hi there ....what has worked for me is checking Craig's List everyday. It's amazing how many employers use this free service to find help! I focused on the Part-Time listings, as I wasn't excited about another 40 hour a week office job. The Part-Time listings may be a good place to start for someone like you that is transitioning from seasonal work also. It also helps to be in a big employment area (like Houston Texas). Best of luck! Aggie71
This article about early lay offs is sort of on the mark. It may help.

Advice: Surviving an Early-Career Layoff featuring Heather Huhman
The trouble overall is that potential employers nowadays have a mountain of applications to look through, even for what used to be "undesirable" jobs, so they can cherry-pick. Often, your application gets looked at for a total of about ten seconds, then winds up in the circular file. What gets it put there so fast is a "red flag", like your admitting to a criminal record (even VERY minor), a gap in your employment history, or (like you) a history of bouncing from place to place.

The thing is, with the Internet and the overall loss of privacy, potential employers can easily find out every single thing about you, who you've kissed, and where, since you were in third grade. This includes information that you wouldn't think would be relevant, or that they shouldn't be entitled to know, like your credit score or what kind of car you drive. So what happens is that your recent work history "brands" you. An employer will pull you up on the internet and see that you've moved frequently in the last few years--aha! you're unreliable. Wad wad flush goes your application. You'll run into this over and over again, and if you do get considered for a position, it will likely be for something that no one wants to do.

I suggest the following strategy: apply to companies and for positions where your willingness to move and your varied skills will be desirable, not considered as a detriment. This would include companies that operate in many locations, have varying staffing needs, and would value someone who can cross-train (look for companies that employ small staffs in scattered locations).

Like it or not, the "branding" effect is severe these days, especially with the economy in the toilet and unemployment so high (it's actually about 20%). You can only get hired for what your recent work history says you can do--even if your talents extend much further than that.

It's a tough ol' world out there right now. All I can say is keep your ear to the ground, and be ready to LEAP at any potential opportunity.
I put look at "" on the top of my cover letter. It showed the employers that didnt know about these kinds of employers a little about what I had been doing so they didn't just think I was out bounceing around. (which I kinda was).
Yea, I'm back in the real world after 7 years of working everywhere from the carribean to Alaska. Thanks coolworks for hooking me up again!! Putting your name there got their attention. I'm opening a new restaurant for a couple of ladies in Ohio. Kinda funny... me an executive chef.. what a blast!! Peace, I'll never forget you or the times I've had....
Thank you for your encouragement. I stopped trying to apply for now and am working on taking care of family before heading out in the spring.

Great and interesting idea, Ken.  Sorry I missed this comment before.  Glad we could help! :)

I had this problem too. You just need to make perfectly clear that you are not moving and that you have settled. Also, you really could, without being dishonest, write Xanterra as a previous job for 3 years and put in the job description: "Fulfilled kitchen positions at company resort locations throughout the United States." Or whatever.

just a thought.


Try working full time at dinning places Fast Food & Pizza Delivery.


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