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Anyone ever work there? Anyone gonna be there this summer? Likes, dislikes? I'm headed there myself in early May and I'm curious what the vibe is around the place. I'm a seasonal virgin, my first park job! Ha so welcome me to the club y'all. Seriously though, any advice and/or wisdom would be fantastic.  

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I  worked at the north rim from 4/26/2010 to 8/13/2010 and 8/29/2011 to 10/23/2011 in the employee dining room and absolutely loved it.      It is very, very isolated but there are shuttles that go into town every week.   They also offer other trips (houseboat trips, zion and other national park trips) at a very cheap price.   In fact so cheap that the sign up sheet gets filled up in the 1st hour.     Also alot of people can't handle the remoteness or the altitude (8,000 ft).   If u like the outdoors and u want to save money this is the place.  I will be a dishwasher in the employee dining room starting May 1st (arrival date) hope to see u there.

Well, much ado about nothing I guess. Didn't end up taking the job. I'm headed to Glacier instead.

LOL It seems as if a lot of people from last year's season at the North Rim are spending this season at Glacier, it's getting the the point where in it's going to be like a North Rim 2011 Season Reunion there lol.  Ok, it's not quite that extreme, but getting there.....Anyhow, good luck to you at Glacier, there are a lot of good North Rim peeps up there this season so I bet it's going to be super cool!

Rob!!! No way! I just joined this today! Good to see you on here!

Cool, glad to see you here too Ross!  Just posted on here that my mom is getting better and it may be possible that I can take a mid season job.....we shall see.....Thinking of where I might like to go if there are openings.....Amazing how small this seasonal world can be, is it not?  Chaske is on here too BTW.....I don't know how many other North Rimmers are other than us three though.

I worked there last season 2012 at the Front Desk. I don't have too many positive comments on the management or staff in general. The place just got a new GM so things might be better for 2012 season. I think one of the main complaints was Forever Resorts was not screening employees at all. The HR dept let some pretty nasty creeps through. Employee morale was really low and people were leaving left and right. Management was amazingly aloof and neglected too many problems on the property.

As far as living there, yes, it is isolated. Hiking is great, scenery amazing. Food was okay, and got worse towards the end of the season for some reason. The dorms are alright. They have 2 types "Old Dorm" and "New Dorm" I lived in old dorms and they have 2 people per room and all the dorms have private bathrooms. The new dorms have 3 people per room and nicer appearance.  Lots of partying in the new dorm for some reason. Most dorms have a busted TV and the laundry machines can be busy (but are free). The employee pub was nothing special but at least a place to unwind after work. 

I'll cross my fingers for a better management team for you! Good Luck!


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