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So I'll be headed to Alaska around March 30 from Houston Texas. First stop will be in Pagosa Springs CO to pick up my Ranger gear. Then on to Portland OR for a couple of days. Eventually arriving at Bellingham WA for the April 19 ferry to Haines AK. I'll arrive in Haines on April 22. Let me know if you want to join me and split expenses!

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does this mean you'll go with me?

Well, I'll certainly be in Bellingham to play host.  :)  No ferry ride for me this year.

I'm driving to Skagway, AK myself, for a second time.  We'll be in the same neck of the woods come April 19th, all depending on when I leave Park City.  Last time I didn't get a chance to say hi to Kari, but maybe this time I can...and...maybe you too?  Just a thought.

Yes, let's make sure that happens!

Hey Brendan ..... so I'll be in Bellingham on April 19 (ferry leaves at 6pm) and then in Haines on April 22.  I'll be staying overnight in Haines and leaving for Tok the morning of the 23rd.   Let me know if you want to try hooking up.  Richard

So, my money situation this time around is not the same, and the driving option costs a lot more.  I'm actually going to be flying to Juneau from Chicago, and then take the ferry to Skagway, so a meetup isn't possible.  That's unfortuneate, as I was looking forward to meeting you and Kari.  I might take the ferry from Skagway to Bellingham at the end of the season, but that remains to be seen...all depends on the money situation again.

I'm entertaining the idea of checking out Haines this summer via the ferry, so if you're going to be there for the summer, perhaps we could have a brew at the Haines Brew Co...I really like the spruce tips ale.  It's good in Skagway, and I hear even better in Haines.

Sounds good Brendan.  I'll actually be at Denali for the summer, but I'm not ruling out getting back to Haines or Skagway on a long weekend, or on the way home.  I'm leaning towards driving the Alcan home just because I haven't done it before and it sounds exciting.  The money aspect is important but not critical.....I can spend a little more if need be.  Have a good summer!

Someday, Brendan, we'll meet up.  Thanks for the update and the beer tip.  Maybe I'll find you in Chicago sometime.  My cousin lives out there and I'm overdue for a visit.  Have a GREAT summer!


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