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Not what I want to post - going home already due to health issues I think related to altitude

This is so not the post I want to be posting but I have just been dropped off here in Vernal, UT at a hotel and will be moving my way back home starting in the morning.  Apparently my aging 46 year old body can't handle altitude as it once did as over the past couple of days I have had two what I consider very intense panic anxiety pseudo heart attacks and today's was so intense when I started coming down off it I was like I need to get home STAT!  The first one started while I was on the floor at the restaurant serving and it was very bizarre to be so unwell and feel like my head was being pulled off my body but still be cheery and take food orders at the same time.  Not an experience I care to repeat.  Given that I don't have insurance, I will be going to Mexico once I get home to see a doctor and find out what is going on, I know a good doctor in Mexicali.  Before I attempt any altitude again I am going to see what the doctor says.  Amazing too as thank goodness my ex employer (a great employer btw) gave me a ride down the mountain to Vernal I could feel myself breathing in more air as I dropped altitude. 

Gotta say I am a bit bummed to be sitting here in Vernal UT facing these issues, but at least I have a place to go to and someone who I was dating before I left who is glad to see me coming back.  Looks like I am to be sidelined again at least until I see my doctor in Mexico and find out what is going on here.  Am I the poster boy for ObamaCare or what?  46Rob

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Oh, Rob.  That's a major bummer!  I'm glad for your health that you have somewhere to go home to and can find treatment.  What is the altitude at FG?  Is it so much different than Phoenix?  Isn't all of Arizona relatively high up?  I'm glad to hear that they treated you well during this process, but certainly not the blog post I wanted to read.  Safe travels home, Rob.

Hi Kari!

Thanks for your post here.  Phoenix is 1,000 ft, where I was at Flaming Gorge was 7,200 ft.....A big diffference. Now what I find funky is that I have done two seasons at the North Rim at over 8,000 ft and a few sessons as the South Rim at 7,000 ft and I went to school in Flagstaff at 7,000 ft for a number of years.  Go figure.  I have nothing but good things to say about Flaming Gorge Resort, however.  They were nothing but kind and decent during this whole process.  I stayed on in Vernal UT an extra day to go to an instant clinic and I even had my visit comped which absolutely amazed me!!!!! Am headed to Salt Lake City today and am going home soon thereafter.  I don't know how the rest of the summer is going to play out for me but until I see my doctor in Mexico I am making no plans and taking it easy - just very very very glad I own half a house with a relative in Phoenix and have some where to go to.  Definitely my health is comes first and depending on what the doctor says maybe I'll be looking to ditch some altitude in the future.  46Rob

Sorry to hear you are not well, keep us posted! Hope you get better soon!

Thanks Melissa.....

Sorry to hear about this Rob ..... get better and back in the game.  Richard

And Thanks to you too the meds, now need the heart test in Mexico and will progress onwards from there. 

hope u feel better

Thanks Reggie.....

Sorry to hear you are not well.  Is anxity attacts common for high allitudes if you are coming from very low elevations?  I am at Yellowstone and came from Tampa and have experienced the same thing but not as severe as your attacts.  I am so glad you are able to go home and get help.  Take care and let us know you are ok,


I hope you are doing well and feeling better. What is new with you or as you would put it "how goes it"? Are you going to try to get back in the game for another potential run at a seasonal job for the 2013 season? Drop me a line when you have time. Have a blessed week!



Hey Leo (and other coolworkers)

Here's my update right before July 4th.....I am on meds and am doing better now.  To make ends meet I have been staging houses and doing some mystery shopping.  I have realtors asking me to stick around who like my work and I see the struggles another coolworker here is having finding work.....I also am dating someone down here who does not want me to leave.  On the other hand I'm feeling the itch to hit the road and I'm becoming convinced that those who don't have this itch are never going to understand the need......Right now I'm staying but I am offering no guarantees on anything, either.  Hope those of you having a great season with a job that's a good fit post soon with pics and enjoy the outdoors for me!!!!  46Rob


Thanks for the update. I am sure whatever you decide, will be the best choice for you. Have a fun, relaxing and safe July 4th weekend.




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