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I got a job working at the Old Faithful Inn for Summer 2014. I was wondering if anyone knew what the dorms are like and what we should bring and what we shouldn't bring. I will be driving up there so i have room to bring stuff. So if anyone has any information or feedback I'd love to hear it!

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Hi there Emilia,

I have never stayed in the Old Faithful dorms, but I have seen dorms at other locations (Mammoth and Canyon). I've never stayed in one, because I work at Roosevelt Lodge, where we all live in cabins. The dorms are SMALL, so try not to over-pack. I see people every year bringing way too much clothing and personal items like computers, televisions, decor from home, etc. The best advice I can give you is to keep it simple. If you don't think you'll need it, don't bring it.

We have six dorms at old faithful each with its own personality. Laurel is mostly first year Inn employees, has community bathrooms and 2 or 3 ppl to a rm. Itnis an older building but is great for meeting people as there is alot of activity. Bitterroot is quiter, upstairs is shared bath between 2 rms and downstairs is private baths. Obsidian is 24hr quiet and is typically an older crowd, its set up like bitterroot. Columbine is similar to laurel and usually lodge employees. Lupine is mostly snowlodge with a mix of first years and returners, there is alot of activity at lupine and it can be kind of loud at time. Larkspur is 24hr quiet and mainly returners and managers though not impossible it is difficult for first years to get into larkspur. Most rms are about 10x12 with at least 2 ppl. some must haves are: fan, camping/hiking gear, clothes for all seasons that can be layered.

Hi, I will out there too. I will working EDR Old Faithful Inn. I also asked about dorms. Seems most are the same. I just like a roommate I get along with, sometimes it's hard. I like being alone, love the quiet, so it's always hard for me. Most dorms are the same size, I have learned not to bring way more than needed, only been seasonal 4 times, but learned what and what not to bring or needed. I've trying to get Yellowstone for awhile now, and believe you me I'm not going to let dorms distract me. I Can Not Wait. The 2000 mile drive will be worth it.

thanks all so much! its very helpful!


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