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Anybody here ever work at old faithful? I worked in Canyon last summer, but this summer im working in old faithful, and have a few questions.
What are the dorms like?
How far of a walk from the dorms to the lodge?
Did you enjoy working at this location?
Thanks for your time!

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ill be there this year as a room attendant . This is my first year not sure what to expect.

The experience won't be dissimilar. Old Faithful is the busiest area in the park; Canyon is the second-busiest. So either place will be a zoo. On any given day, things quiet down a little sooner and take longer to get going at Canyon, because most park visitation flows into and out of the west and south entrances.

This is highly subjective, of course, but my experience is that the most clueless, obnoxious tourists--the ones that ask where is the powerplant that runs the geysers and try to walk up to and pet the bison--are at OF. Possibly this is because OF is within reach of day-trippers, but Canyon takes a little bit of effort to get to.

You're definitely closer to a different spectrum of attractions when you're at OF. You're closer to the geyser basins, nearer to Grand Teton, and have better access to "civilization" (such as it is) at OF. From Canyon, you had better hiking and wildlife viewing opportunities.

As far as dorms, food, and such, there's not a lot of difference. Both areas' employee facilities are pretty old and dated. There's a fair amount of variation from dorm to dorm, but you won't really see much difference overall between the two areas. I think it's a good idea to live and work in two different areas of the park, though, since OF and Canyon are so different topographically, geologically, etc. To sum it up, your living and working conditions won't be much different, but your surroundings will be.

@Kyle, are you working at the inn? @Kevin, thanks for the info!
@Rebecca, yeah some of the dorms are a bit of a walk, but those dorms are closest to our pub!
Kevin that's awesome! I can't wait to answer tourist questions! Some of my favorites..."Can you use Nightcrawlers during the day?" And "Is this coffee cake made with regular or decaf" I will be at Old Faithful tomorrow.
I am on day number 2 at Old Faithful. It's nice! The people are friendly. The food is not bad. The walk to the Inn and Snowlodge are less than 15 minutes. (The employee pub is even closer). I'm in Lupine and It's fairly quiet. I stayed up with the RC playing some kind of dance game for Wii until 1am this morning. The average age range is 35-18 as far as I can tell at Snow Lodge. I believe there are only 4 people older than me. I am certainly the oldest in this dorm. I met a nice group from the Philippines that are only here until June. My experience is rated 3.5 out of 5 stars.

You will LOVE IT. Its insane fun girl, trust me!  a few dorms are like a mile away from the lodge and then there is one dorm right across from the lodge. Your gonna make lots of friends easily, and there will ALWAYS be something to do because of the massive amount of employees, its awesome there. 


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