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Who is the oldest, active, seasonal employee?  I knew a guy who worked at Yellowstone in 2007 who was 83.  Was he the oldest of the bold?

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No he wasn't... there was an employee at Glacier that had been with the company over 50 years and was still going and then there was another employee at Grand Teton Lodge, Ray - who had been working for the Lodge since he was in his twenties and only retired after facing some health issues.
I believe the personnel manager at Grant is in her mid 80's and still going strong.
Ann - were either of those two over 90? That may seem old but I met a 106 year old plumber back home. Maybe we could match make him with the Personnel Manager in Grant. No, no, that would make him something of a cradle robber.
LOl. Sorry, she's also married.
charlie was at old faithful a few years ago. he did maintenance, If I remember right he was in his mid 80's. He got married that summer too. she was pretty young.....60ish..
I may have met him Ken. I met a guy in 2008 in the OFL who looked something like Santa. He had just come down a high ladder after changing a light bulb.
I know Ray Dillard who completed his 50th year at Jackson Hole in the newsstand. He is an amazing person and was featured in Readers Digest as being the longest term seasonal worker. He hasn't worked in the past two years because he's "finally feeling his age". He was in my water aerobics class in Des Moines.

I liked Ray, always knew the season was starting because he had arrived. 


Thanks Ginny. I googled Mr Dillard and found an article in which he was interviewed. Mr Dillard was 83 at that time (2007). In the article, he said that he was not the oldest employee at Grand Teton Lodge Co. He mentions a man in his 90's, Russ Stone, who was commuting from Idaho once a week or so to check on bus maintenance.

It's funny that Mr. Dillard, who was a seasonal for more than 50 years, seemed to fall into the category of a seasonal addict. Each year he would think that he would not return to seasonal work. Then when the season came around, he would get that itchy feeling to return.

We have come up with an Older and Bolder Russ Stone - over 90. Things have gone about as far as they can go.

Here's a link to the Ray Dillard article
Wow! Thanks for the link to the article! I just posted a photo of Ray & me at dinner at his apartment. I imagine Ray would be disturbed that people have become so casual in recent years. He was always perfectly pressed following our water aerobics class. Such a cutie!
Thanks for sharing this article, Rusty!

The lady who ran the gift shop in the Lobby of the Old Faithful Inn

was 85 when I last worked there. She might be there today. She was

in no way slowed and that was maybe 1999.


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