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My parents don't want me to go to Yellowstone this summer. I'm 20 and feel like I should make my own decisions and go if I want. They said they can't stop me but they are trying to talk me out of it. I have to attend a family meeting about it tonight. Any tips on trying to get through to them? How did you guys present wanting to go do seasonal work to your parents?

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I believe your parents want whats best for you but may have a false impression on what seasonal work is about. I am a bit suprised they want to have a family meeting about it.

From a parents perspective. Are you the oldest and therefore the first to leave? Even if not, it is difficult for us to see our kids going out into the world on their own. 

Be respectful and acknowledge and thank them for helping you to think things all the way. Listen to their concerns and address them. Have all your ducks in a row- know why you want to go, how you will get there, and how you will get home. Have a plan for checking in with them when you arrive and periodically through the summer. (And follow through on that plan- nothing worse for us old fuddy duddy parents to not hear from our kids at a pre arranged time! We have nightmares too!)

Good luck!


Assure them you will be living in company housing and have your meals provided for. Their will be company security as well as the Park Rangers and your coworkers to look after you. You will be gaining valuable work experience while having an opportunity to work in an iconic place like Yellowstone which is America's first national park and meet people from around the world. Highlight your goals for the summer and what you plan to accomplish and take away from the experience ok? Just be honest, genuine and basically be yourself. Everything will work out. Trust me!




Yeah, my mom is convinced that I will end up homeless like my brother is.

Wow. How rude. And completely untrue. I can't believe they would be so unsupportive.And your principal pulling you into his office is unprofessional and uncalled for.

Sorry about the opposition your getting. Glad your mom is cool though.

I read an article a couple months ago about "Are your friends holding you back?" It reminded me about when I went to my 10 year high school reunion and started telling my 'stories'. (Getting my foot chewed on by a grizzly cub; Having a mountain almost fall on me; Playing ping pong through a hurricane in the employee pub; Having an alligator chase me because I had to run over its face and it was mad...)

The most popular girl in school was there and called me a liar. She said, "People don't do things like that." I found out that she had never moved more then 100 miles away from our hometown.

Sometimes I envy people like that. Sometimes I'm between seasons, or in a hardship, or sleeping in my van or something and wish I could be that person who had a nice stable job, lived in the same house, had all my friends around me, a solid support system....

But noooooo. except for when I was married, I look at things. I wander in and out of the park system like others wander in and out of their living room.

If only I could find about 3 or 4 other people to run around with me, I'd be a completely contented girl.

I guess it all depends on who you are. If you can stay in one place, and build a life, do it. But if you have itchy feet. Learn how to write and take photos so that you can make money while your doing it.

And that's all I got to say about that.

I totally understand what you mean. I come from a small farm town and everyone around here expects me to settle down and be a boring housewife with kids. I don't want that. At least not yet. I want to travel and experience life outside of my childhood home. I am sick of people holding me back.

I like that advice about learning how to write and take photos so that you can make some money doing this....I am thinking of starting a web site about seasonal work. Obviously it would be monetized but I would also be focusing on content and giving out good advice and tips and pointers.....We can't be the only ones who don't want the boring life of just in one place all the time......46Rob

not tryin  be an ass about it but your basically of age you can do what you want without your parents permisson i dont see why they having an issue about it there being overprocted i think  your making money that you can save toward college  

Well, the meeting did not go very well. I got told if I go that I am not welcome back to Virginia. I told them that was fine. I'll just stay in Wyoming or Montana after my job ends in November. Thanks for you tips.

It's okay. I'll just try and see if I can get a year round job or something or try to get a place and a job in Montana after the Yellowstone season is over.

Oh yes, my parents are very strict. That's what I told them tonight that I was tired of being their mini me and doing what they wanted. I told them I am going to Yellowstone whether they liked it or not.

At least you know about this site and have the perfect job board.

It will all work out. *HUG*


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