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My parents don't want me to go to Yellowstone this summer. I'm 20 and feel like I should make my own decisions and go if I want. They said they can't stop me but they are trying to talk me out of it. I have to attend a family meeting about it tonight. Any tips on trying to get through to them? How did you guys present wanting to go do seasonal work to your parents?

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Hey Kiersten

I've experienced similar opposition from my family ever since I moved into my own apartment and started supporting myself when I turned 18. Since I graduated high school I've moved 4 times, had 7 jobs and this summer I'm doing my first national park job in Glacier national park. I get asked about what I’m doing or not doing with my life a lot, and more often than not when people find out they judge me negatively. It used to really stress me out, but these days I find it funny every time it happens. Now I only answer with “making my life a work of art” because I couldn’t be happier with everything I have done so far, and I don’t care about anyone’s opinions anymore. Just keep working and following your dreams and everything will come together. Other people will either get over their hang ups about it or they aren't positive people to have around in the first place. After my family saw how happy I've become they can't help but to be (grudgingly) supportive. Ultimately we all die at some point or another, and we never know when it will happen. Live your life to the fullest, exactly the way you want to and the universe will reciprocate somehow, I promise.

Thank you. I like the "making my life a work of art." It seems like everything thinks i should have a boring desk job but they forget that I am always on the go and hate sitting for hours doing boring administrative work. I'd rather be out and about doing something. So that is what I will be doing this summer at Yellowstone. Making my life a work of art.

wow was i the only person who when i told my family and friends more or less said have fun and bring us gifts?

easy I was an adult...I didn't need their permission for every move I make. I just "tell" them I will give them my address when I get settled in somewhere.

"The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.  ~St. Augustine"

Traveling is a rite. 

 I like that. I'm adopted and I am actually biologically related to Hungarian gypsies. I have traveler in my blood and I need to travel. My parents are starting to finally open up to the idea of letting me go.


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