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Most of us are on a budget but there are some great deals on the internet at the moment and throughout the year.  Personal choices? For me I want something that will last not fall apart 6 weeks down the road or the trail.  I picked up a pair of Oboz Traverse from Amazon and they were under $90 and these shoes take a break in time of around 1 month some cases much shorter.  Once broken in they are an extension of your foot. 

It all comes down to what "you do" and how active you are.  If you are inactive and do the occasional hike here and there then a pair of decent trail runners is all you need.   I have spoken with the so called trail experts at REI and they tell me it all comes down to the amount of activity you exert when hiking.  There are many videos on Youtube that discuss this very topic and there are many people who have difference of opinion.  

I watched a video where a guy traversed the PCT in 4 months using trail runners and sandals (no boots) and he was super ultra light with his 2 lb backpack but then again he is in great physical health.

Last year I went to dozens of footwear stores to investigate which shoes would work best for me and Oboz out of Montana make wonderful hikers.  I now own a pair of Asics trail runners and Oboz Traverse hiking shoes with a composite insert for arch support. 

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I found this website about a year ago, and bought these boots.  Normally, a pair of boots lasts me 6 months to a year, as I put them to the test.  I've had these boots over a year now, and they are still in great condition.  I suppose the name says it:

I will check it out thanks Brendan

Nice looking boot the Tactical with a high support around the ankle etc too small for me and not wide enough

Do they oboz make your feet hot?  Is the sole nice and solid over rocks and roots?  I am currently in the market for a pair of hikers.  Unsure about boots vs. shoes.  Waterproof vs non-waterproof.  So far I am leaning towards shoes vs boots and waterproof vs non waterproof.  I will be spending the summer in Yellowstone and plan to hike 100 miles.  I haven't really hiked since I was last in Yellowstone back in 2000 but have been without a car since then.  I think boots may be a bit too constraining and shoes may be a bit more versatile.

The boots/hiking shoes I have are breathable and no issues with over heating, good point, too many shoes dont breathe well enough.  I read many articles as well as watching videos involving these very shoes and the company.  The Bridger are an amazing boot that look like they can take a pounding.  The previous pair of Oboz Sawtooth were super grippy on the trails I loved them they were just too tight for my wide foot.  


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