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panamint springs is advertising for cooks and housekeeping. If you consider yourself a professional cook, don't bother with this place. The hardest thing that's cooked there is a burger. yep, it's a tourist deadend over priced pizza slop house. Just outside of the employee housing area is a junkyard of old broken down kitchen, store supplies, vehicles and general B.S. Area. Next to the living area is a polluted little creek and what they call a pool. the pool is full of some kind of growth. it's a nasty unsafe environment. the kitchen has electrical wiring hanging from the ceiling, pure filth! I spent a whole 3 weeks there. It cost me more to get there and home than I made. I've done a lot of seasonal work. ( am a kitchen mgr. elsewhere this coming season) I've never worked at such a dump in my life! I should have sued

Yep, pots legal in Cali. Great! But it doesn't belong in the work place. After work, well... yooohoooo! but not while your working. Not at this place, if ya aren't stoned while there ya cant tolerate your surroundings. 

housekeeping peeps, the rooms are 100 years old, dusty, worn out, filthy ------------! Most of housekeeping work is done outside or in an old semi trailer that's been converted into a store room. 

There's NO professionalism at this place. 

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Just checking out the website and it really doesn't look very interesting, besides the fact that its in Death Valley that is my first indicator to not ever get a job in the desert. I have been told that winters aren't that bad but I am like no snow then I am not interested one bit. Sorry that you had a bad experience, that is the greatest part of seasonal jobs is that you can always quit and another place is hiring.

You want a great seasonal job? Yellowstone Club in Montana is pretty epic of a place to work in the winter and the summer.

I'm going back to Yellowstone this summer. I've got a long contract this time. March til October


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