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Anyone around the Park City, Utah area? I am thinking about buying a home in the area. Want to make some friends. I will be from Duck North Carolina & Vero Beach, Florida. 

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lived in park city since 2010.  you must have a good career if you're going to be buying here, the median home price is over $900,000.

I worked for and operated a cat at the Canyons during the winter of 2010. I was paying $860 plus utilities for my ROOM in a shared townhouse. It's just crazy how expensive that town is! Cool place, but too rich for me. 

5000 Royal ST. Planning to buy for vacation residence. I have been doing normal work jobs four times in Alaska, West Texas, North Rim Grand Canyon, Walt Disney World. 13 years at Chickfila. At same time talking out ideas for Movies, Music, Television, Computers, & Corporations. I drove solo up to Alaska round trip from Florida in the year 2009. Think Park City might be better than Aspen or Vail. Maybe we can have the Winter Olympics at Park City sometime. 

If I were to pick between Park City, Vail or Aspen I would pick Vail because its a huge Resort and the bowls and back bowls are amazing for skiing. I am guessing that you can ski or snowboard, otherwise you are moving to a ski resort town for what? If I had the choice of someone epic to buy a place I would have to say Telluride would be the spot. You don't hear much about that place because people don't want to drive so far to get there.

I worked at Deer Valley and I have worked at a few ski resorts and I have to say that Park City is my least favorite. Sundance is crazy and the people have no clue how to drive.

PS - They already had the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City and many of the events were held at PCMR, Canyons and other ski resorts so its doubtful that they will be coming back anytime soon, just saying

I've done ski seasons in three places as well but for me Park City was by far my favorite. To be fair, I haven't been to Aspen yet. I used to work for Vail Resorts and agree that Vail's mountain is amazing, but so is PCMR and I like the town of Park City best and Utah gets great snow and I never found it super crowded. The best part, though, is having three different resorts all right there. So I think it will be a great place to buy! (Tip to avoid being annoyed at Sundance: go wait in line and see some premieres. The transport issues were extremely annoying but I felt a lot better about it when I started going to the films.)

The best part of Sundance is when its over with. Park City is great if you like over paying for every single thing that you buy, the town itself is pretty cool, ie the buildings and all that but thats pretty much it. Good luck on whatever you decide to do!

I also liked the weather there, not as cold as Colorado. And more snow :)

I agree that the cost of living is expensive. That's a problem in all ski towns that I know of, but the ski passes are wayyy cheaper in Colorado.
Thanks for the continued input. I am going with Park City & Aspen. Think in Park City I will incorporate my dot com web site bob blockus. Have a office building with full time staff. This will be a Royalty Organization web site. Going to try and honor the Catholic laws and guidelines but since it's Royalty. Anything can happen. 


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