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I worked at old faithful in yellowstone last summer. There were a boatload of gay people and lesbians, but that joint probably has one of the biggest employee populations I've ever seen at any park. So makes sense I guess. Guess my question is, besides wahwheap at lake powell, are there any other big employee population parks where it would be more likely to encounter a gay or a lesbian. My first park, the north rim, was fun as shit, but I was the only gay person :( Anyways, hope everyone is excited for the new season. Ive been thinking of glacier lodge. I hear its fun, and kinda big employee wise. Thanks folks :D

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Try the South Rim of the Grand Canyon

aramark in denali has an pretty good  group  as long u go your job thats all its matter


The managers and staff that I had to deal with at Old Faithful that were gay are an awesome group.  Im glad I got to know alot of them.
It probably varies from season to season.
Well, about 10 % of employees were gay/lesbian at Glacier Bay Lodge (Not Glacier Lodge) last summer...


this is the first time I come to this site and what do I see.

The very first post has someone wanting to know where all the gay people work.

Give me a break.

Majog turnoff coolworks adm.

Thread should be deleted..............

why some ask an question about the most  gays its there choice  ive work with alot of gays have no problem as long as they do there job thats all i care u u dont have to hang out with them thats your choice

OK reggie


What if I started a thread titled " Where do most of the Whores work"''

Would that be OK with you..............


I just dont think threads like this should be posted.


thats your opinion  

I think this was a valid question. I have several friends that are gay/lesbian. It does not make them whores. Some of my friends are a little more out others are not and don't fit the stereotypical personna of a typical gay person. They are in a way a minority. If you know anything about them they are really pretty normal for the most part but they are deprived of allot of things.

If my friends were to want to go to a seasonal place and ask this I think it would be more of a question of would they be accepted there and find others in the same environment. The stereo typical gay people are usually normally not into anything as remote as a seasonal resort in the middle of nowhere. The stereo typical is wrong. There are some, like a few of my friends that would probably consider doing seasonal work if they would fit in a little easier with people from a similar walk of life.

Bottom line the question may mean allot more to someone gay than not. Would you want to be the only straight worker stuck for months working say on a gay cruise?

NO hate just keep your sex life to yourself..................
most of them do keep there sex life  to themself  unlike some of straight one that dont   for your record im not gay but i have friends that are


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